Do You Know A Wonder Woman?

Like the remarkable women featured here, do you know someone who has rewritten the rules of the game and lives life on her own terms? Someone who has invested in her self-worth, fought against odds, and won?

It can be taking up higher studies after her kids grew up, or fighting for the rights of her domestic help. She may have rescued the stray dogs in her neighbourhood or fostered abandoned pets. She may be giving free tuitions to lesser-privileged children or asserting her right to pursue her own interests – be it learning the guitar or attending that baking class.

We are all ears for a stories like these. So if you know such a woman, share her story with us and we’d be glad to feature it on this website*. If you are a woman who fits the bill, you can send us your own story, too!

25 women with the most inspiring stories (chosen by an impartial esteemed jury) will receive the Advantage Woman Award at a grand ceremony in Mumbai.
* Subject to moderation

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