Advantage Woman Awards

The Advantage Woman Awards will be presented to women who have invested in themselves and their beliefs.

25 women will be chosen by a jury of renowned women achievers, to receive the award from among all the remarkable women whose stories are shared here.

The winners would be announced on February 9, 2018.

The top 3 most inspirational women will receive fellowships from ICICI Bank, to fulfil their vision and passion. The fellowship amounts are:

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


The details of the jury members who will select the winners are given below:

Jury Members

Dr. Rashmi Tiwari

Dr. Rashmi Tiwari is the Founder & Director of Aahan Tribal Development Foundation (ATDF,) Fellow of Vital Voices (USA), Fellow of SIMP and a Certified Leadership Coach from NeuroLeadership Institute. She is also an anti-trafficking crusader who has been working for the past 5 years with at-risk tribal girls and women in the Naxal areas of Jharkhand. She has been chosen as one of the Top 100 women leaders across the globe by TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) and has been featured in several international media like The Washington Post.

Anjusha Chaughule

Anjusha Chaughule is a qualified Civil Engineer, an MBA in Operations Management and a self-defence expert. The self-defence module, ‘Nibhaya Safety Drive’, solely designed and demonstrated by her has been carried out by Maharashtra Police. Through her workshops and sessions, she has empowered more than one lakh girls and women. She is also a social activist, actor, writer, director and now a business woman of her entertainment company.

Manju Latha Kalanidhi

Manju Latha Kalanidhi is the inventor of the Rice Bucket challenge - an innovative take on the Ice Bucket challenge. While the original Ice Bucket Challenge involved participants pouring a bucket of ice over their heads and/or donating to the ALS Association, the Rice Bucket Challenge involved donating a bucket of rice to a poor person or family. Thanks to her initiative, more than 2 lakh kg of rice has been donated, so far.

Rekha Kurup

Rekha Kurup is the founder and director of ‘She Stands Tall Project LLP’. It’s a Bangalore-based company that educates, empowers and engages women (and girls) from around the world to embrace her body, sexuality and self. In 2015, Rekha was one of the emerging and established women leaders awarded the ‘Vital Voices Fellowship’. Her M.A. research on Female Sexuality within a North Malabar matrilineal Nair family structure is a published book titled 'Rising Daughter, Silent Mother and Fading Grandmothers'. She is currently spearheading the #StandingTallInRitualRed campaign on menstruation which attracts women participants from around the world.

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