Frequently Asked Questions

Can only women share their stories?

Not at all! Anyone who has a story to share about an inspirational woman can share the story here. Just make sure that the woman is comfortable with her story being shared.

I have a great story to tell. How do I share it?

It’s simple. Just click here, enter the required details and the story and you're done! Make sure you confirm your entry by clicking on the link in the email that will be sent to you as soon as you submit a story.

I know of a woman who I find inspiring. But am not sure if everyone else will think so too. Should I share her story?

Indeed, you must! Inspiration comes in all forms - even a simple story can mean a lot to someone who is going through the same circumstances. Every story in which a woman invested time or money or energy for her own growth or for the benefit of society is important and should be shared, so that it inspires others to take similar steps.

Can I share stories of only women in my family?

No, you can share stories of friends, neighbours, extended family...anyone you know of. Just make sure that you upload a photo/scanned copy of a letter of consent from the lady whose story you are sharing

I know a great story of a remarkable woman, but I don't have her photo! What do I do?

While we would love to get a photo of every woman achiever, it is not mandatory. Go ahead and submit your story without a photo!

I uploaded a story, but I can't see it on the website. Where did it go?

Every story that you upload goes through 2 rounds of confirmation:

1) Your confirmation via an email, immediately after you submit the story

2) A moderator's confirmation that ensures the story does not contain any objectionable content.

Please ensure that you have done the email verification. If you haven’t, just check your email inbox, open the confirmation mail and click on the link in it to confirm your entry.

If you still can't see your story after email verification, it most likely means the moderator has yet to approve the story for publishing. A story gets published within 3 days of it being submitted to the moderator.

I want to edit the story I have uploaded. How do I do that?

Sorry, but the website does not have the functionality of editing a submitted story. What you can do is upload your edited story once again and then write to us at and ask us to delete the earlier version. Simple!

I have uploaded a story and it got published as well. How can I tell my friends so that they can see it too?

Just search for your story in the search box at the top of the website, locate it and then click on the social media icons at the bottom of the story to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus and Email

I wanted to share a story of a lady I know but I see someone else has already shared it here. What do I do now?

It’s wonderful that the story is already shared - it means someone else found her an inspiration too! What you can do is like the story and share it on social media so that it gets maximum publicity and the lady gets the recognition she deserves!

I read the stories and found some of them very inspiring. I want to share them with my friends. How do I do that?

Every story has icons below it for liking it or sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus and Email. Simply click the icon to like or share!

I know of a lady who is an inspiration to me. But why I should I write about her?

You must share her story so that it can inspire many more people like it inspired you. Everyone needs a little encouragement and inspiration at times! Besides, 25 women with the most inspiring stories (as chosen by an esteemed jury) will receive the Advantage Woman Award at a grand ceremony in Mumbai.

What are the Advantage Woman Awards?

These are awards that will be given to the top 25 women from among all the remarkable women whose stories have been shared by you and others like you. They will receive the Advantage Woman Award trophy in a glittering felicitation ceremony in Mumbai. The winners will be chosen by an esteemed jury consisting of renowned women achievers. You can read more about the awards and the jury here.

My question is not listed here. What should I do?

Just write to us at and we will get back to you with an answer. Give us 2 days to reply to you, since there are many mails to be answered.

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