Moonmoon Mukherjee

Whoever thought of the saying, “Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars,” never met Moonmoon. Here is a woman who shoots for the moon and settles for nothing else!

As you see her today, Moonmoon Mukherjee is a top-notch table tennis player who has turned the tables in favour of women in sport. She first took hold of the TT racquet at the age of ten, and one year later, voila – she was participating in national level tournaments! But her success story isn’t all rainbows and sunshine… It took travelling a distance of 50 kilometres from Chandannagar to Kolkata right through school for training, and juggling 6 hours of practice alongside her studies in Political Science to get her to where she is. And what a place to be!

Our strong Mukherjee stands as an ITTF-certified Level-3 Coach and International Umpire. She has been India No. 2 in her prime, having won medals for India in various tournaments. She is the architect of P3 Sports Management Company, an organisation through which she mentors underprivileged kids with an interest in table tennis. And now, after a gap of 20 years, she is back to playing competitive TT in the 40+ category, winning international tournaments and our hearts alike!

But her achievements in table tennis aren’t her only laurels. As much as she is admired for her game, she is admired for her ability to multitask between family, her job, her social life and yes, her passion for TT. Every role she plays, every shoe she puts on, she carries through with zest and positivity.

She is a law student, a biker who has led many-a-women’s rallies, and a scuba diver. She has also run six half marathons. A woman of substance! Moonmoon is not just a sports champion, but one who is a champion for women all over!