Where there is a Will there is a Way

Married at an early age of 16 and blessed with two daughters by the age of 21, Sheetal was shocked to know that her husband suffered from schizophrenia. With grit and determination, she began her higher studies and went on to complete her post graduation in yoga. Her yoga centre, which she runs successfully, helps her to look after her children independently.

Sheetal was born on 14 June 1977 and did her matriculation in Kolkata. She was married at the early age of 16 and, at the age of 17, was blessed with a baby girl and thereafter with another baby girl at the age of 21.Thereafter, the vicious phase began. She came to know that her husband was suffering from schizophrenia and its fearful effects. Suddenly, life became unbearable and she had to stay with her parents for about 3 years to protect her kids from the mental trauma inflicted by their father's mental illness.

Sheetal had just completed Std.10 at the time of her marriage. Instead of losing hope, she decided to take matters into her own hands and make the best of it. Thus began her pursuit for academic qualifications. She completed her secondary education, went on to do her graduation and finally acquired her Master's degree in Yoga. In 2014, she opened a yoga centre. Now, with God's blessings, she trains nearly 150 students. She has not only made a difference in her own life but also the lives of her children. Due to a social service oriented work profile of a yoga -therapist, she has brought wellness and fitness into the lives of many.

Life was not easy but, as the popular saying goes: Where there is a Will there is a Way.

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