Stephanie Kraus

Living life to its fullest

Stephanie Kraus is a trained Osteopathy for infants, children, and pregnant women. She chose to work in India over aboard and offers her services to help the needy and start their life to its fullest.

This is story is about me. But it is much more about all those, whom I can serve by being myself and offering my potential to them, and about every baby's smile that appears after a pain could be released.

It is in the fact that I have recognized my own inspirational worth for all those whom I can serve, that I see it worthwhile to inspire others to fund my work with this grant.
Growing up as a girl, I felt my love for life and discovered a deep interest in learning how to remove obstacles by living life to its fullest. I wanted to do more than just to help others. I wanted to inspire their being and becoming. I aspired to learn how to help individuals, so they have the capacity themselves to access their own full potential as human beings, to experience the joy of life and their potentials, which can benefit our society.

My path led me to work with mothers, fathers, and their children - the very base where the potential of a growing human being lies. I am trained in Osteopathy for infants, children, and pregnant women. Osteopathy is a manual medical therapy. It aids in many health issues simply with the precise skill of the practitioner's hands to detect issues in infants and to fix them before they ever grow into a problem at a later age, scoliosis and other back problems, short sightedness, tensions in the digestive and nervous system, and before cost-expensive medicines and operations become necessary. Osteopathy is the only field in medicine that can provide this. It has so much to offer for the being and becoming of a child. This work can help many with very little cost, as no expensive instruments are needed. Only the well trained Osteopath, the skilled hands, and the caring heart.

I was inspired to learn, to do something that can help a new human being start his own life, on a path where he has access to his full potential. My inspiration guided me to learn a profession, which is unknown in India. I returned to India to do voluntary work in this field and share the knowledge of what can be done for children with the simple means of this skill. It is in the experience with every child and its smiles, I now discover how worthwhile it is, that I have chosen to, not work abroad, in a country where this profession is well known and well paid, but here in India. I have done service around villages of Auroville and in the local Deepam School for children with special needs. I would now like to continue to work with the help of a grant, to open up a practice where I can support my therapy sessions free of charge for those in need, as well as become an educator to spread the professional skills in India. Because I am practising as a voluntary worker, I do not have the means to make an income to start this project.

I feel inspired to offer my service to more babies and help them to start their life to their fullest potential of being and becoming.

After being approached by a growing number of request for the treatment I can offer, I now have recognized I can speak up to be supported in my own inspirational worth.

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