Shrinkhla Chandhok

Watch, Learn & Earn

Shrinkhla started the "Udyaan Care Organization" to empower women who have completed their education and wants to acquire different skills that suit their personality. In this organization Shrinkhla makes sure that every girl is trained to be a strong independent women.

Shrinkhla Chandhok started the "Udayan Care Organization" a franchise in Hyderabad with a mission to build strong, independent women. The major problem in the Indian economy is the lack of education among women. If women are not educated well, it affects the socio economic status of the entire country. The majority of the girls drop out after Class 12th owing to financial reasons. Shrinkhla wanted to bring a difference in lives of the girls who are talented but the parents cannot afford their education. The organization started two years ago and we have around 150 girls taking advantage of the program and is going to expand by 220 by next month. The organization provides both financial and life skill development for the girls for 6 years, from class 12th to make sure they have completed the education and become strong and independent.

Once in every month, she strives to bring people from various occupations to teach them life skills, English speaking, career counselling, social awareness, building confidence, financial coaching, medical camps, etc. Each girl is assigned a mentor for coaching, guidance and performance analysis for the whole stretch of 6 years.

Each girl will also be made to do 100 hours of social work every year to give back to the society. Recently, the IPS officer Dr. Praveen Kumar addressed the girls and emphasized the importance of girl education. Girls are very enthusiastic to come to the workshop and learn new things, which are not taught in their classrooms. There is a notable difference in the girls before they joined 'Udayan' and now.

Starting a new franchise in a new location was a lot more challenging - building a team of mentors, volunteers, sponsors, selection of the girls. There would be regional issues to tackle - like the girls were with science backgrounds. Designing the theme every month and bringing different people together needs a commendable job. She deserves a great applause for pulling this off mostly alone. Having more fund will help appreciate and accelerate these efforts.

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