Neelamkumari Jain

Balance is all you need.

Neelamkumari who got married at a very young age pursued her further studies after she delivered her baby. She found her balance in her education and family with great ease and helps to give the right advice to various ladies through her CSR activities.

My wife got married to me at an early age in the year 2004. We were graced with the daughter in the year 2007. In this period she had to managed family as well as her studies. She did not lose her confidence and continued her studies. She completed her 10th & 12th Board exam in the year 2004 and 2006. After that in her pregnancy phase, she gave her BA Final from Nagpur, Maharashtra.

On the way to exam centre for BA final, and eight months pregnant, she hired a three-wheeler auto. That time auto got unbalanced on road and fell. By God's grace, nothing happened to the mother as well as child and auto driver also. Finally, she had completed her exam and passed the exam with good numbers. After that, she joined me at job place Kotputli, near Jaipur, Rajasthan.

While taking caring of a 12-month daughter, she decided to pursue higher studies and took admission in MSE Course from IGNOU Jaipur. She went to IGNOU, Jaipur for her further studies. Finally, she gave her exam for the first year and completed the same. After that in the year 2012, I transferred to Gulbarga Karnataka to new job location; here she takes a transfer from Jaipur to Hyderabad IGNOU centre for her studies. In the meantime, we asked IGNOU for exam centre transfer from Hyderabad to Gulbarga but were denied. We still managed to transfer her exam centre from Hyderabad to Gulbarga. She went to Hyderabad three to four times for her assignments. Finally, she completed her exam and passed the final exam with good numbers. In this period, she managed my family and little daughter also. She also used her knowledge in CSR activities in Jaipur and Gulbarga by giving the right advice to required women. She is very happy and doing all work independently. She is more confident than her initial period.

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