Sonu Goel

I Can Do It All

Despite being a differently-abled child, Sonu grew up to become a strong independent woman - a qualified Chartered Accountant and a happy homemaker. Her zeal to work for the betterment of society has hugely benefitted all the needy women and children of working mothers. Her active involvement towards socially relevant causes has made her mark in the society.

A professionally qualified Chartered Accountant, hardworking and sincere makes her a “Pillar of Strength” for the finance department at Panipat Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. In spite of being differently-abled with impaired mobility (since childhood), she embraced motherhood, has a doting 6-year-old daughter, a supportive husband, and is a happy homemaker apart from her successful career as a Senior Finance Manager. Her will power and zeal has helped overcome all obstacles in life and her steady progress stands testimony of this. No doubts, she has “Helen Keller” as a source of inspiration and "Role Model" at the back of her mind driving her towards higher goals.

On the social front:
She has made her mark in society with her soft demeanour, pleasing personality, and a helpful accommodative attitude.
Due to her initiatives, she pioneered the setting-up of “Crèches & Day Care Centre” at Refinery Township for children of working mothers, which is proving to be hugely beneficial for all needy women.

She is leading many social forums and activities related to orphanage and old age homes viz. distribution of blankets, clothes, woollens, medicines etc. to the needy. In addition, the monetary payments and gifts to needy girl getting married are undertaken under her leadership and active involvement towards socially relevant causes undertaken by the corporation.

Actively involved in furthering and campaigning the government's scheme of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” in the township and adjoining areas.

She practices meditation and yoga for fitness and to keep in check her breathing problems. Keeps herself active and distressed. Very few may be aware that even with her physical shortcomings. She is also a skilled motorist, a good swimmer, a games enthusiast making her a fine living example of being “Self –Reliant" performing all her jobs herself, both at the office and home. Such a person is surely an “Asset” not only for the Corporation but also to Society. Her will power, zeal, and energy are to be emulated in life for achieving higher goals and position in life and conquering all adversities faced.

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