Geetika Agarwal

Mission Education

Geetika Agarwal who left her dreams behind and got married to a business person, finds a new way to relive her passion by opening a school for the poor. With all the support, she opened 'Gyanodaya' & 'SKLGD public school' - two educational centres for the underprivileged.

A mother of two beautiful sweet daughters and a wife of a busy huge business tycoon, my life seems very much complete and happy to others. But for me, it was always incomplete. I always wanted to have my own identity. At a young age, I was a bright student who always wanted to become a doctor since the day when I stepped first in my school. But my dream wasn't fulfilled, due to some family circumstances and I got married at an early age of 20. As I got married to a big business family, I changed myself according to them, left all my passion behind, and gave my 200 percent to my family.

Time passed and I become a mother of two angels, playing a role of very happy and successful typical Indian ‘Grahini’ but deep inside I was not happy, the flame of my passion was still burning inside.

Suddenly one day I got a new way to do something. My house cleaners used to bring their kids with them for their help. They were uneducated and very young to do this kind of work. I asked them, "why don't you send them to school" and their answer was predictable. Therefore, I decided to teach them to learn basic skills like reading and writing. I started taking their classes at my home in the evening. I bought few slates, chalk, one small blackboard and few books for them. Initially, it was very tough for me as well as for them also, but gradually we started improving. After 3 - 4 months, noticing my efforts, my parents-in-law got an idea. They decided to help me open a formal school for these poor children in our old office complex ‘Gyanodaya’ with no fees, and my papa gave me the responsibility to run the school. It was a big opportunity as well a big responsibility for me to give back to the society.

So many people helped me to set this school, Rashmi Auntie, my sister-in-law Nidhi, Maa, professor S.C. Ag and many more. To start with, we hired two teachers and started four classes with 40 – 45 students. Rashmi auntie and I would also take classes to support the teachers. We provided them books, uniforms, and all other stationery items free. Within a year, things started being settled and school was functioning properly. I was learning new things every day with the kids. I implemented the same teaching methods, which I had seen in my daughter's school. Few children left the school due to various reasons, but most of them were improving and learning.

After 2 years the biggest change of my life came. My father-in-law wanted to give back to the village from where he belongs to i.e. Kagarol, 30 kms away from Agra and what better way to provide a quality education to children and he asked me to shoulder that responsibility. In that village, they lacked proper education for the students, so we decided to open a C.B.S.E. board, English medium, co-education school with all the modern facilities with a very less fee structure in that village. We envisaged the full layout and built the entire infrastructure by ourselves. Right now 'SKLGD public school' is a operational, affiliated until 12th from CBSE, equipped with all facilities like computer labs, smart classes, playground and well-trained faculty from day one. We are running this as no profit venture. All the money generated from the same is invested back in the school development or funding the fee for needy children.

I was just a homemaker, graduate, no background in running school but I did not give up. I learnt from others everything about running a school smoothly. I myself studied again to check the work of my staff. Researched from the internet, visited other schools, taken seminars, I gave my 200 percent for this school. It was my greatest opportunity of lifetime to prove myself. I never ever had stepped to a village before that, but now that village is my workplace or worship place. After 5 years, there are about 700 plus students studying and performing brilliantly in sports, dance, arts, and other skills.

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