Ruchika Pahwa

The Rebel, the Dreamer, the Achiever

As against bowing down to the demands and expectations of the society, my story is of a rebel who never stopped dreaming till they turned to reality. While my story has the struggle to succeed, fight against roadblocks, survival amidst failure and sudden losses, it nowhere lacks the hope to rebuild life!

Born in a financially not-so-strong family, I always dreamed of being a financially independent girl. Through sheer hard work as a young girl, I secured admission in a govt. school for gifted children where I got the best of education and human values. Since I was in high school, I had been a tuition teacher to many kids of my age and younger. At that first step, I felt happy and proud to be funding my own worth. With my regular tuition money, I supported my college education, without being a financial burden on my parents. I post-graduated in psychology and finished double MBA in HR/IR, with some other certifications to my credit.

While the whole world had one dream of getting me married, I rebelled to continue my college education and became a psychologist, HR professional, and language expert. Along with my management studies, I kept chasing my career dreams with every dynamic job I performed. Starting from business operations development to managing content design and editing teams in top multinationals, my dream chase had many failures and recoveries to get settled in a contending career I was passionate about. While my educational and professional dreams were realized, I had to quit my life partner search in my 30s to move on.

I think I only came across those greedy, selfish and egoistic souls who had unreasonable beliefs and demands from a girl, with no appreciation for her identity, struggles, and achievements. Although it was tough to face the society’s reactions to my decision, happiness comes at a price. For me, happiness always rested in my career and not a man who wanted to end it. While life became much easier with that bold decision, it had harsher exam papers set for me. I suddenly lost all I had achieved by toiling my life…my full-fledged career, my health, and most importantly, my hope to stay alive with a smile. My work unit got closed and I could not find the right job under the worsened market conditions. While it was a jolt, I struggled and struggled to grab something to sustain myself for some time.

During that trial period, life gave me another punch with a severe muscular ailment that restricted my movement and confined me to four walls. It suddenly turned me into a zombie who could not even seek treatment. I felt such constant pain in every muscle that even a feather touch would kill me. While I never knew at that time that it occurred due to a nutritional deficiency, I was sure a surgeon would operate and cut my legs if I approach them. I opted to bear it and kept moving through a dark tunnel with hope and belief for magic to happen someday. But, life is not that fair. It also snatched my social life and mental peace. While anybody would have prayed to God for an end, I prayed to God to integrate my physical, mental and spiritual energies so I could bring myself out of that hell. And, he heard me!

I used my education and skills to start from scratch. With a flexible business plan for my independent consulting services, I soon achieved the point of sustenance. I focused on creative activities to regain my confidence and cut away ties with those toxic people who could even laugh at me during such times. I worked on my health, workout, lifestyle, hobbies, and almost everything I needed to start recovering. I brought more discipline to life and added happiness to it through every single act of mine. By God’s grace, the dark tunnel I was moving through finally saw the light at the end after three years of suffering.

Now, I am living the happiest life I have ever lived. With the support of my mother and a handful of friends who have been my motivation throughout (believe me…you only have a handful who genuinely pray for your happiness, even if you move mountains for all), I am trying to fulfil my new dream of making people around me, happier. I am trying to expand my work so I can offer employment to more dreamers like me. I am investing time and energies in such creations and inspirational writings that might change things for others who are still stuck in that dark tunnel I came out of. My hurdles make me learn every day and inspire me to use my dream-catcher right, because nobody else will do it for me.

I’m only sharing my story so some woman somewhere may read it and find the courage to not surrender her dreams due to her circumstances or societal pressures imposed on her. Fears and limitations only exist in minds, and circumstances are what we make of them. Funding our health and education can make us fight any battle. Go on…dream, invest, and achieve a life you truly adore!

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