Pooja Laddhad

Impossible is nothing

Pooja comes from a middle-class family where she became a major support for her siblings. She believed nothing was impossible for her, if she was determined. Today, she is an independent, self-made woman who still years to live a struggle-free happy life.

I am a girl who was born in a middle-class family. I played with my siblings and grew up like everyone else. I have a brother and a sister. When I was three years old, I took all the responsibilities of them, I educated my siblings like a mother, I behaved with them like their friend. I have done everything for them. When I was studying in a government school, I realised that my father was a very ethical and an honest person and he was running a small hotel business and that was the only source of income for our huge family. After completing my matriculation exam, I decided to support my family financially, but it was not that easy. This was the time where it was not safe for girls due to the societal problems that prevailed in our town. However, as I was firm in my decision to do a job, I believed nothing is impossible for me. In addition, hopefully, my family members agreed on and then I started supporting them financially.

Six years ago, I lost my father, which was a very difficult time for my entire family and me. After that, my life has taken a different turn. I started facing many problems from that time until now. I have been facing problems repeatedly but I did not lose hope and courage. I am still standing. I was there six years ago to take care of my family. I have been trying to fulfil all kinds of needs of my family because I know I am the only person who is earning money for my family. I took charge of my family and now it is my responsibility to support my family.
I had struggled a lot in my life and I have experienced less happiness in my life. I do not know when this struggle will end. I have been trying to give them a smooth life. I am still struggling and I will not give up on them. I have to do many things for my family and I am ready to face each problem of my life. Today, I am proud to be a self-made woman. I am ready to show the world that when dedication and interest go hand in hand, nobody can stop you from climbing the ladder of success.

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