Shweta Iyer

Age does not define your passion.

Shweta who always wished to live a normal life since childhood, talks about her journey of being a teacher.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with many dreams, but there was no one to guide her with proper direction. Whenever she tried, she failed. Whenever she dived, she drenched. Life was not so easy for her because half of the time she was sick suffering with pneumonia, fever and what not! Thus, this frail child was not allowed to go in the mud with other kids, lest she harms herself. She had no other hobby except lying on the bed and watch other kids go for picnic, excursions, and enjoying a normal life. She had to battle her own life, her own demons she knew for her life.

Once she started growing up, she came to know that there were many other demons in the society apart from her own demons, like molestation, teasing etc. She was like a bird fluttering about and everyone trying to cut down her wings around her. There were many challenges, which she knew, she did not know to handle but still, she thought the show must go on and struggled with her studies, health, and people.

Finally, she gets into a place of her dream. She wanted to study but still it was not an easy task, she had to take education loan for her studies and start working and then there was love, which nobody knew was right or wrong, and mind drifted all the way from life of dreams and desires and then the glass shattered with deceit. She again realised that the show has to go on and then she focused on completing her studies and helping out many girls in the world and help them in flying so that they do not face the things she faced.

She has faced all types of people, situations suddenly transformed into a teacher and decided to devote her life to growth, development of young women, and that became the motive of her life. She is young; she does not have grey hair like other teachers. She is even assumed as a student sometimes. Her dreams, her passion, and conviction to take other women ahead are much stronger than anything.

She knows her dreams, her education; her life is more important and useful for others who look forward to her guidance than just thinking about herself. Age does not matter, experience matters, and what demons you have faced in life. She is 27 just raging to fly everywhere and be with justice and duty. One doesn't need to become someone, one needs to become yourself.

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