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Salma Sheriff, a blogger and a designer followed her passion to create something she truly loves. She is also a successful entrepreneur who completely believes that you do not need a fancy office and agents to promote your work.

Not many have the willpower to combine skills, passion & education and channel them into creating something they truly love. Here, I introduce to you Salma Sheriff a Crocheter, a blogger, a digital web content designer, and more important a young talented entrepreneur. She is by education postgraduate in Biometrics and Cyber-security and that too a gold medalist.

After her education, Salma took up change to follow her passion for design and crochet. For this, we all need investment to start with and here it is where her story gets interesting. Instead of asking family or friends for money, she started her first digital design work - planner making and sold it on a web platform worldwide. In 2013, she created a wide range of planners. It didn't take long for people to notice her and purchase her contents. She designed this for many working mothers' and stay-at-home mom and even students out there to get benefited with this and to lead a hassle free, organized daily-life.

Meanwhile, with whatever she earned from her planner work, she invested in her next passionate work - Crochet. She knew there is a market for her unique cute crochets so; she started a free blog - where she will display and impart her crochet skills. Soon, many orders started pouring in & Salma's little blog was recognized by several online companies like Blogadda (and awarded for top five blogs in art and crafts section), Baggout (as top 14 socially active blogs in India), Smart Indian Women, Open Designs ( Young Entrepreneur), and many international Blogging platforms too. So, Salma has been blogging successfully for over 3 years and have also been a designer and entrepreneur with her brand 'Craftadise' where she sells handmade products.

Thirst to do more and vision to do something that will engage her education skill set and with the realization that how a website and a brand is important for a person to stand out in this online realm, she started her own digital designing website - in 2016, to helping women entrepreneurs & bloggers like her who have trouble getting content to the digital world. The sole intention being to promote women entrepreneur & those who need to get market level quality digital contents, website, and blogs in moderate fare. Her work and client testimonials speaks for itself of quality and skills.

With this, she also started a Facebook group for young and rising women entrepreneurs where she shares her knowledge and expertise every day and encourages others to come forward and make their own strong foundation online.

Salma is truly an inspiration to young girls to pursue higher education, belief in oneself and promising work that education and skills always have a place in this world. She also proved that you do not need a fancy office and agents to promote your work. All you need is a computer, a good Internet connection and a ton of passion to whatever you do. She has also started her third online venture on and she continues to impress and inspire everyone around us.

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