Rakhi Pundir Bardeja

Power To Her

Rakhi's could not refrain from taking the simplest steps to bring change in the life of underprivileged women. Rakhi's venture - "Power2her.in" helps women turn into entrepreneurs from within their homes.

They say the way a child is brought up plays an imperative role in shaping the life of that individual. In my childhood, my parents always emphasized the importance of raising our voice against injustices happening around us. I grew up listening to the tales of Maharani Laxmi Bai, Chand Bibi, Rani Abakka and how they served their country as women, in one or the other way. On the contrary, as a woman of the 21st century, I was always a witness to various kinds of biases, discrimination, trials, and tortures that an average woman of our country faces every day in her life. I always wondered, after so many years of independence, "Why the woman next door is not free?"

I saw the worst condition of women in our society when I started 'PTRI'. 'PTRI' is an NGO, which I founded with the aim to support women and children of the economically weaker section by providing them holistic education through the Nai Udaan centre and empowering the youth and women towards economic independence. While working with these children, I realized that the conditions were much worse for their mothers there. The common sights in the village were men beating their wives, women suffering from numerous diseases and sometimes they saw suicide as their only option when their husbands died leaving many children, leaving her financially insecure. Watching all this, I could not refrain myself from taking the simplest of steps to make a change in these women's lives.

For starters, after quitting my decade-old staffing business, I invited my house cleaner with four children, to make some extra money with me. We used to make decorative diyas and sell them to MNCs and vendors to earn her living. This idea struck me and I proceeded with this at a larger scale. With the help of two of my partners, I launched the project ‘power2her.in’ that incorporates workmanship of 50 women along with soft skill development. Power2her.in has the vision to help women turn into entrepreneurs from within their homes.

We train them, provide solutions for various product designs, which will help them, cater to the dynamic market, and grow with it. I was very happy with our pilot project of rakhi making where we were able to place the rakhis made by Power2her.in women in supermarkets and departmental stores in Delhi NCR. I hope one day, we will have a well-established brand structured with rural and urban women creating a variety of products. All these actions shall lead to the empowerment of women in weaker sections of the society.

In the short course of 5 years, 100 children have joined 'PTRI', I am proud of this cluster progress done by my team but my goals have been set in a faraway land and so, there is a long way to go. I believe it is the duty of every citizen of our country to wake up and contribute to the development of this nation. The times have changed, there are no Britishers now, but that does not mean the fight has ended. The fight remains. It is with unemployment, lack of education, being deficient in empowerment and I hope with each little step every day, we shall win.

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