Srushti Parmar

Selfless deeds

Shrushti Parmar who lost her father, helped her mother play the role of her father. She also gave up her career to take care of her family. She believes that sometimes it is okay to work selflessly for your family's well being.

January 18th, 2016 was the day changed my life as well as my families. This day my father was diagnosed with cancer. They said he is on the last stage and we had only six months with him. I would like to give a small introduction about me and my family. I had 8 members in my family me, my elder brother, my mum dad, my aunt, my grandfather, grandmother and Buddy (our pet) My father was an electrical engineer, vice president in ABB, then after retirement, he started his own business. As my father had a good post and our lifestyle was as good as any other high-class family has. My elder brother and I got all the luxuries. Whereas my mother was a homemaker. She took care of our family - me and my brother but knew nothing about the finances and investments.

Why I am mentioning is after the horrible information we got everyone in the family was shaken, I was in shock and clueless and I was just watching people giving sympathy. I had just gotten back from Mumbai. I used in Mumbai, for a year, as an architect. Seeing all this I never gave up, the only thing was in my mind was how to fix or pass this situation. I took up all the responsibilities, I was 23, and started checking and collecting my father's emails, documents from mediclaim to his due business payments everything.

After he was discharged, we sat with him told him to tell all his finances and investments so that I would write it down. Just for the information, we had not informed him that he has cancer as he is a sensitive person he would lose all his hopes. When asked, why I was asking him to tell him all his finances and investment I explained to him that he is not well and has sodium imbalance issues. He was convinced and gave all the information. I on other hand started involving mum and taught her how to do a bank transaction, how to write cheques, etc., which she can learn. She has education in and doesn't know English as she studied in region language.

As time passed, I went to different doctors in Gujarat to Mumbai (we are from Gujarat Vadodara). We started his chemotherapy; I took him to the hospital. We gave 6 chemos, my mother never lost hope, and she did everything in her boundaries. Time went and on 26th September 2016, I lost my daddy. Now I wasn't his princess anymore, no one loves me the way he does, I never picked up a spoon from a kitchen and now I am doing everything, running with my mum for his PF money, closing bank accounts, reinvesting finances, and all other major responsibilities. In this chaos, I was not working for a 1 year, as my family needed me. I gave my career up for a year, as responsibilities were important.

Now things are falling into the place, I need a job but as I was not experienced enough. I ran for interviews but nobody gave me a job. Gave 10 interviews but only faced rejection. People are not kind enough to be humble these days, I faced lots of arrogance and attitude. Went Bombay, Ahmadabad but no jobs were available - some reason was due to demonetization, people could not afford salary to give. Later in mid-2017, I took up job in my town Vadodara did for a few days and got this opportunity of getting associated with a designer. Saw so much that I forgot how ambitious and independent I was. I forgot that happiness does exist.

I am independent. My career is on good stage and I am happy dreaming again. I am sharing this because many people think or make perceptions when they do not see you doing well. They don't realize they don't know what exactly you are going through. My experience made me a good and humble person. I have learnt a lot in my life. I am now 25 and respect all women who are brave enough to do work selflessly. My mother has learnt so much now. She pays bills on her own… and that's progress.

I believe everything has a reason and everything happens for good.

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