Ruchi Shah

The Icon of Society

Ruchi has been an IT teacher for more than 15 years in different schools and colleges. She not only teaches computers but also Hindi and Maths. Ruchi manages her business, her teaching profession, her home and her passion for cooking with great ease. A women who always looks forward to help the society with her knowledge. Truly an inspiration!

Ruchi is a hardworking lady since her young age and very dedicated to her work. She takes responsibilities to complete the task given to her. She started her career as an IT teacher and lecturer for more than 15 years in different schools and colleges. She had helped many people who are in need by helping them in many ways. She taught many students Hindi, Maths, and Computers in society whenever gets time.

She handles her family very well and cooks delicious food. She started her own home business as well for earning extra money. After taking care of her house she also studying new technologies in IT on the internet like Cloud computing and Big Data analytics, which is the future of Digitization India. She is very active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to interact with the businesswoman groups all over India. It helps her to achieve good selling in her business.

Hats off to this Indian lady for managing her home - business - teacher job in only 24 hours.
She had cleared Cuemath Certification as well this year with her hard work and dedication for teaching maths subject to students with an Innovative way of teaching on mobile app and tab and puzzles. This made students learning mathematics subject very easy. Her keen interest in learning and preparing new dishes from the internet made her a perfect cook as well.

I salute her ‘Dedication towards her total dedication.’ She is a good teacher towards her house cleaners who worked for her. She teaches them to speak and write in Hindi. She is a popular icon in the society. Neighbours visit to learn many dishes from her. She dances very well and sings very well, and got awards for best singing in her early age. She knows driving and swimming as well.

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