Uttara Nerurkar

The New-Age Vedic Scholar

Uttara is not someone who just believes what is said, even if she is passionate about the subject. A staunch believer in the Vedic rituals, she learned Sanskrit, first, to understand the science better and today, promotes the knowledge to the world around.

If Chemistry is the interaction between elements, then Uttara Nerurkar is the catalyst! A Chemical Engineer by education, she revels in merging seemingly improbable elements together, to discover their collective magic!

To give you a better idea, here is a woman who, through her life’s work, strives to bridge the gap between ancient Vedic texts and modern science. While a staunch believer in the Vedic rituals and their power to conserve the environment, she remains a woman of science. She isn’t a blind follower. Rather a Vedic scholar of repute. Having studied the Upanishads, and having learnt Sanskrit in order to study them, Uttara has now reached a stage where her articles are being published in journals and she is penning books of her own. Her knowledge of the Vedas is so extensive that she even conducts classes on Upanishads, Manusmriti and the Bhagavad Gita.

But her dissemination of the knowledge and cultural heritage doesn’t end here. Her merging of elements continued when she decided to take to the new-age YouTube to promote these age-old texts, via her channel ‘Indian Vedas’. But despite all her years of understand of the Vedas, Uttara believes that she is still learning. “I have only experienced a drop in the ocean,” she says. “I’m eager to grasp the whole!”

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