Zinal Doshi

Wind beneath their wings

Her love affair with the banking industry had begun more than a decade back, when she was hired on campus after graduation. With a head that sits pretty on her petite yet strong shoulders, Zinal Doshi who was born and brought up in Mumbai, rose up the ranks on sheer merit.

Life as they say, is not always about the beautiful highs and the plateaus do show up eventually. In Zinal’s career, the13-year itch was starting to suffocate her. She wanted to do something more than just do her job well. She wanted to have something of her own; something after her own heart; something for women – that would make them smile and live life to the hilt!

On her travels, she had seen women relax, let down their hair, throw off their masks of pretence and reclaim their childhood. Serious, stern, grieving, diffident women would forget all their sorrows, tensions and challenges to live it up! Confident, happy women would derive more happiness from the travels. She knew travel liberated women – young, old, middle aged, single, married, divorced, widowed, every one of them.

So, the young, high achiever stepped out of the gates of the banking world. She dreamt of giving women wings so that they could soar without being chained to the ground by untoward expectations and overwhelming demands from family and society. She dreamt of taking them on exciting journeys, where they could explore the beautiful world outside and discover their inner beautiful world. She wanted them to fly high, so she became their wings. Thus, was born The Flapper Life!

The Flapper Life is a few years old but at this young age has helped women to do more than just travel – it has enabled and empowered them to be spontaneous, embrace the unexpected and make new friends in a fun, safe and unique way.

To date, Zinal’s The Flapper Life has taken hundreds of women on a journey of self-discovery through the corridors of India and the world. Away from bosses, peers, in-laws and naysayers to claim their glorious spot under the Sun.

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