Neelam Gupta

The woman with an in-sight

“Listen to your own heart!” “Never lose sight of your goals!” Every motivational speaker to ever exist has said these words. But here is a woman who had lost her eyesight, and her hearing capabilities at different points in her life, and yet she powered through with inhuman levels of motivation!

Neelam Gupta is someone you’ll never find idle. Even after getting married right after graduation, she found ways to keep herself busy beyond the home - baking cakes and translating books. It all hit a stand-still when she suffered from an auditory nerve failure…

Simple tasks became hurdles; but Neelam is a determined woman! She took to homeopathy and yoga to cure her illness - even went to the doctor's appointments in heels, despite her loss of balance! And while the auditory nerve failure of her right ear is permanent and complete, her sheer resilience and effort managed to rescue her left ear from the same fate. To add to that, she even ventured into journalism post her partial recovery, using dictaphones to compensate for her lack of hearing.

But as fate would have it, she suffered another blow… An optic disease rendered her sightless for 24 hours! Having gone through the struggle of it before, Neelam didn’t let this deter her from being the best she could be. She recovered slowly, and now wears glasses as her vision hasn’t returned to its 100% capacity.

Yes, Neelam can both see and hear again, but her strongest sense will always remain her sense of determination!

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