Archana Mohan Sharma

A Woman on a Mission

Archana Sharma works tirelessly to promote education of the girl child along with her mission to eradicate cervical cancer and create awareness on menstrual hygiene across the country.

Charity begins at home for Archana Sharma who started with local community development in Bandra, where she was appointed as ALM President in 2009. She selflessly rendered voluntary service for betterment of the area by promoting education of the girl child along with a mission to eradicate cervical cancer and create awareness on menstrual hygiene across the country. She rekindled a spirit of patriotism in the area by initiating the National Flag hoisting ceremony in the vicinity and showing appreciation for good deeds by the police, BMC staff, social activists etc.

She organizes a peace walk to show solidarity for women every Women’s day. She motivated women from slums to stand up for their rights and imparted basic knowledge of their rights in society. She revived the ‘Eagle Brigade’ which serves as a support system to help the police improve vigilance in the locality, thus enabling a reduction in the crime rate.

In recognition for her tireless and selfless services, she has been honoured by innumerable organizations. She was given a Pramaan Patra from Bandra police station. She received a memento for community service from Adv. Ashish Shelar, Chairman of Spandan. 'Giant groups of Bandra' honoured her as best project director for Bandra groups towards creating awareness about water conservation. She is also a winner of the Wake Up Woman Award. She was honored with a certificate of appreciation from the Government of Maharashtra’s Housing and Environment divisions for her role in helping create awareness on global warming, which affects all.

All her passions have germinated due to her mentor at school, college, and her parents. Her childhood was blissful and bestowed with their abundant love, care, and most importantly - life teachings which laid the foundation for her present-day pursuit in community partnerships. She started contributing a small amount of her income towards community service by starting a self-funded NGO called ‘Women Power Association’. This association has worked towards improving job opportunities while providing free legal and moral support.

Moving further for women empowerment, she has initiated and developed schemes for single parents and young widows, presented them to the Honorable Prime Minister of India and received a favorable reply for appropriate initiatives to be undertaken by the concerned departments. Work on stage two has begun, whereby various departments are being contacted to understand their process of implementing the schemes. Under these schemes, requests are made for housing allotment for women, education quota, health card, travel concession job opportunities, and food security.

Today, Archana finds a bigger role to play in pursuing efforts towards the eradication of cervical cancer, creating awareness about menstrual hygiene, and building a healthy nation.

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