Meena Lakshmi

Every Girl's Best Friend

Meena makes sure that a girl who could not afford college, pursues her dream. All she wants is to see every girl independent, which she believes, is her greatest reward.

A few weeks back I had to accompany Meena in a Chennai slum to meet a girl regarding her education, which is to be supported by Seed100, a trust she works for. The mother works in the local temple selling balloons, plastics toys, and stuff to run the house and her eye gleaming with anticipation for our help. The house with just one room and asbestos roof and a plastic door. The mother and her three daughters treated us well with hot coffee and arranged cold water from neighbour's refrigerator.

The mother wanting her daughters to be educated, more than the father cared and to stand on their own legs, not to end up in the same place as hers. The three girls who aspire to become lawyer, nurse, and tailor were asked to sit at home. The eldest of them all have passed out of 12th class, 6 years back and for second daughter it has been a year and she is sitting at home hoping for her father to bring in some money so she could afford college. She desires to study nursing and work in the hospital helping people.

Meena immediately takes all the information about the kids. Next 4 days she goes to almost all colleges, she knows around in the city and finding a course for her to fulfil her dream. Seeks financial help from an NGO she works for and makes sure she gets into one of Chennai's premier colleges by next month with all her expenses being taken care of. I asked Meena, what you seek in return. Her reply was, "She being independent and not ending up like her mother, that would be my greatest reward." May her tribe increase.

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