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Realising that she was not able to help her 5 year old with her studies due to a different curriculum and method of teaching, Lira founded ‘Maximum Childhood’, a platform for parents to share with each other how they teach their children. Thus, making a difference to one child would result in making a difference to the children of the world.

Lira's story is about choices.

It was an afternoon she will not forget. Her five year old daughter came up to her and showed her EVS marks - 13 out of 25. For Lira, this was a failure.

She herself, with a degree from IIM Ahmedabad and having worked successfully as a marketer in various companies, had set up a fledgling communication company of her own. Her daughter's score made her seem like a failure, something she had seldom experienced. Failure as a mother, failure as a teacher to her daughter...

After doing some research on this and having discussed with mothers of other children in the same age group and beyond, Lira realized that she was not the only one struggling to teach her child. There are many parents sailing in the same boat. The curriculum and method of teaching and the questions being asked were very different from her school days.

She wished that parents, who have successfully crossed that obstacle, could share how they managed to teach their children, with other parents. Parents generally teach their children through stories, using regular examples at home in a manner that teachers would find it difficult to emulate.

And so ‘Maximum Childhood’ was born, a platform for parents to share with each other how they teach their children.

The idea and the prototype mopped up an award from Economic Times Power of Ideas Contest 2015. Now Lira wants to use this platform to transform the lives of all parents struggling to teach their children, by learning from each other. And, in the process, she is able to address her daughter's needs too.

Her motto: Make a difference to one child, make a difference to the children of the world.

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