Nancy Katyal

The Girl Who Broke Barriers

Nancy Katyal didn’t let motherhood stop her for pursuing her career goals. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur.

In the month of July, 2005 I experienced a mixed bag of feelings. If you ask any mother what is their best memory they will say giving birth to their child. At the age of 20-21 when people are thinking of switching jobs, having fun and planning vacations, I was thinking about what name I should give my daughter.

A number of questions rose through my mind at that moment, such as have I made the right decision to give up my career? Would my father, a self-made man be proud of my achievements over time as I am of him? Well, maybe I did not have the answers to all my questions at that time.

Well if you are thinking it was an unplanned baby, it wasn’t. But my husband and I were not prepared for all the obstacles that lay ahead. Yes, I was blessed with supportive parents, siblings and a great life partner. However, I had what they call FOU that is the fear of the unknown… The fear of failure of being a good parent was making me nervous.One of my very close friends told me, “Nancy accept failure if it happens to you and squeeze life out of that failure.”

However, four years later I was sitting and cracking the interview at Amity group. This is where my journey of being no one to someone began. Yes it may sound like a cliché however, coming from a small town of Karnal in Haryana, I wanted to help people who are not able to stand up or make a big name because even though they possessed the technical skills, they lacked soft skills to make the right impression with their communication and personality.

After working for famous corporates and schools, I decided to finally take the entrepreneurial jump in 2013. That's where my brand "The Perfect You" was born and I became an image consultant, a behavioural skills trainer and a storyteller.

Many people told me that there are many established consultants already in Pune and you don't belong to this city, you don't know the local language, so how will you make a name for yourself.

I just smiled and every day I put in efforts to go one step up. In my entrepreneurial journey I believe many people have made me who I am today. A lot of friends have played a big role in who I am. One lesson that I have learnt from my mom - Parveen Chaudhary is to value relationships, invest time in them as you cannot grow alone, you grow with people. Always make people around you feel comfortable.

One key thing I have learnt is that you have to put yourself out there. Tell people about what you do, make sure you build on those relationships, you build connections and you don't use them. Give more than you get.

When I got awards like Sakhi Sanman by Lokmat, LIMCA book of records and the world's best storyteller award by World HRD Congress, it motivated me to do better. I believe success comes and goes. However, how you maintain that level is the toughest job. You have to stay grounded at the same time you have to keep setting bigger benchmarks for yourself.

There is a thick line between self-respect and self-ego. Never compromise on your self-respect. My journey definitely hasn't been perfect, it has had its ups and downs. For me the key to being happy is realising that all moments may not be good but the ones that are good should be cherished and valued.

Don't be embarrassed by your failures. Learn from them and start again. You have to know who you are and what you want to be. So, I leave you with this quote which my friend told me and I believe in it too, “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Go together, go beyond.

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