Aakanksha Sadekar

It's all about Girl Power

Here is a woman who has done all sorts of things, from working offshore for oil companies, to volunteering for NGOs in disaster-stricken countries. But the job she found to be the closest to her heart was born out of her website Storified.me. Through it, she gives a platform to women to narrate their stories, grow their businesses, and be a part of a larger community.

Aakanksha Sadekar, an Indian-born Aberdeen-raised entrepreneur, went to school in some of the known local schools in Aberdeen of the likes of Albyn School and Aberdeen Grammar. She then completed her graduation and post-graduation from the Robert Gordon University, and the University of Aberdeen respectively, in the field of Petroleum Engineering.

She then worked offshore in the North Sea, and USA for companies like Transocean, CNR, and Halliburton. After the oil price crisis, she decided to take up a consulting career in China. But soon, that too got affected by the downturn.

Then one day, while volunteering in Nepal post the 2015 earthquake, she realised the need for a platform where common women like her could tell the world of their achievements, and highs and lows. The need for a community of women which was welcoming and helpful towards each other.

This led to her founding Storified.me, in the February of 2016. She made up her mind that the unheard women and their inspiring stories would be told to the world, one story per day! With the help and support from her friends, she went on to speaking to women from across the globe. Their stories, she profiled on her website.

In a matter of months, she had raised a team of twenty freelance writers, a thriving social media page, and a community of 1000 women globally. And the cause that brings them together? "Women help Women".

Recently, Aakanksha has been identified by the Government of India as one of the leading Young Leaders of Indian Origin under the age of 30. The multitasker that she is, she still has one foot in Aberdeen while she travels across the world in search of stories of inspiring women. She is as much at ease when it comes to writing stories, or volunteering for NGOs in grief-stricken countries, as she is on an oil rig.

All that aside, Aakanksha loves to cook Indian food. She has even curated the annual Indian Food Mela in Aberdeen, 2013 for the Aberdeen Hindu Temple Trust. And apart from that, she also loves to travel and read non-fiction works.

As of now, she is bringing Storified to South-East Asia, for the local women there to come and share their stories on the platform. It also doubles as a dais for these women to grow their own businesses.

Storified.Talks, another entity by her, gives the opportunity to 10 inspirational women to share their stories in front of a live audience. The tour of South-East Asia has begun in August 2017, and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are on the cards.

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