Kakoli Sikder

Nascent Beginnings To Great Achievements

Kakoli Sikder, who pursued her career in architecture worked day and night to achieve excellence in various kinds of landscape development projects. Her work is greatly appreciated in the world of designs and she has also received various laurels for her independent ventures envisioned for the betterment of the society.

She made a small start from the small city of Jabalpur. Known for its ancient heritage & culture, the city enthused a curiosity in her to see the world, to play with nature & its elements. Coming from an educated family with the precedence of Engineering all the way, she had some different thoughts. Cycling the streets of the city daily to reach her school and being a very dynamic and brilliant student with all round capabilities in the fields of athletics/sports and non-curricular activities such as debates, music and quizzes, she stood apart from all her friends in all that she did. Yet, she was an attraction for all her classmates and friends, each one wanting to be as close to her as possible for all her enchanting charisma & her multifaceted personality.

Though expected to join an Engineering stream for obvious family background, she aspired to do something different. A creative mind always moves in a creative direction & this is what leads Kakoli Sikder, to foray in the field of Architecture and that too from the country’s most premium institution, The School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. Kakoli went ahead and took up design projects as a part-time earning source to fund her education as well as stay in Delhi. This not only gave her financial security but also added an opportunity scope to hone her skills. She has always followed the principle: “If you really want something you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

Qualifying in her Bachelor’s course, Kakoli decided to pursue her Masters too, with hard work & dedication, qualified herself for GATE and an entry into the course that she had been dreaming for from all her childhood: The Master of Architecture in Landscape Design that too from the most coveted School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. The budding creator was so close to her fascination for designing & recreating the beauty of nature.

I recall there was a time when Kakoli used to work three shifts a day. Starting her day at the Jamia Millia Islamia Architecture College teaching & sharing with students her learning of Architecture, followed by a half day design session at the office of renowned Landscape Consultants, SKA, providing her knowledge of Landscape Architecture to design some most exciting projects such as Ranchi Stadium for national games & various group housings. This was followed up by an evening 2-3-hour session at the office of LAL and Associates. Working her way through the various design missions that she took up she excelled in various kinds of Landscape development projects. Be it Public parks, Waterfront developments, City parks, Landscapes for residential projects or restoration of ancient heritage projects, Kakoli has excelled in all of them & that too with a thoughtful plan. All this while with a desire to excel in her design ventures, Kakoli kept interacting with many senior Architects & Developers and even went abroad to work for the prestigious Caunsult Maunsell (AECOM).

Her efforts were recognized by the renowned IA&B, Indian Architect, and Builder Magazine as they awarded her the prestigious "Young Designer-2014" (Landscape Architecture) in their conclave in Mumbai. Her work done at “4th PLANE,” her consultancy venture was also published in Indian Art and Design Digital Magazine. Kakoli’s firm has now been nominated under India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017. The motive of all design projects always remains to utilize the native materials and plant species to create & leave a better environment for the future generations.

“Architecture is the mother of all creative arts” is her underlying belief & this leads her into the field of product design. With an aim to share the privilege given to us by mother earth and to provide the same to our friends who are still not able to use them, Kakoli started her independent venture “Tatwaa-The Elements.” The aim was to use the elements of Mother Nature namely Earth, Water, Fire, & Air judiciously to create usable and sustainable products. From waste reutilization to utilizing the resources of nature, as they exist, to upscale them, use for modern facilities, the thoughts of Kakoli Sikder and their implementation is an example of a class apart thinker and executor.

The money collections made through this venture is utilized to provide food, clothes, & books to some underprivileged children through another initiative called “SHARE Thy Priviledge.” Says Kakoli to some of her close friends: “It’s just a small start but yes if each one of us does his part, we can create heaps for all to enjoy. We just need to start realizing how important it is to share & care.”

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