Namrata & Madhumita

Scripting Success

Behind every successful woman... is her own force of more women! When a group of ladies got together one fine day, it resulted in the inception of a new business. One that would later empower more women to make their way back into the workforce.

A group of friends. One shared pot of coffee. And listening to each other's life stories! This is a common theme that you will find across the world, however, it was one such routine meeting that changed the lives of two friends...

Namrata was still working for an advertising agency. Madhumita, on the other hand, had quit her job in a leading IT company 4 years earlier. On that particular evening, Madhumita, a writer who wrote straight from the heart, was asked by her group of friends why she was not using her skills to create something. And Namrata volunteered to help her set up a firm that would focus solely on writing.

Thus was born 'Scriptur'... over an aromatic cup of coffee!

Namrata quit her job to enable and assure Madhumita that the idea, and the dream, were both worth pursuing. Another woman, an acquaintance from Bengaluru with her own highly successful firm, mentored them on how to start. And with that, Scriptur was off to a flying start.

Today, Scriptur stands as a content creation firm that has been in business for over a year. And from one client in April 2017, to twenty-seven as of now, it truly represents what women can achieve when they get together, and resolve to do something.

From the very beginning, Madhumita and Namrata were clear on what exactly they wanted to achieve. They wanted to change the way the world wrote, one page at a time. Their recruitment strategy was simple too, and partly derived from the movie 'The Intern'. They had friends who had quit their jobs to look after their families, and were wanting to get back to active work but were considered unemployable by regular companies. They started from there and went on to advertise on women’s social media groups to recruit more such women. The team at Scriptur now consists of thirteen stay-at-home women and two stay-at-home men (yes, they exist too!) - all freelancers, but loyal to Scriptur.

And that's the story of Madhumita and Namrata - friends who dared to challenge the status quo in their lives, and the lives of thirteen other women around them. Women who have inspired other women to stand up and do what they believe in. And created a strong circle of women who motivate, encourage and enable each other to dream big!

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