Anamika Roy

Adversity - Here I come!

Anamika’s world drastically changed when she was diagnosed with lymphatic and uterine cancer. Having adopted a positive attitude, she was determined to fight cancer with strength, grace and dignity.

I have been blessed by parents who never denied me any opportunity. I worked for some of the best companies and was surrounded by loving friends and colleagues. I married a wonderful man. I had a bright, sensitive and talented child. All was well in my paradise... And then an adversity struck. I was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system. I was caught in a whirlwind of emotions.

Was I scared? I did not know what to be scared of. The doctors said they had no idea as to why the disease happened. And if I had my friends and family by my side should I have been scared?

Was I in denial? Perhaps, I did refuse to meet anyone during the first few weeks. I did not know what was happening. And I was too sick and weak to think.
Did I think why me? Of course!! And then I was diagnosed with cancer in the uterus – a totally different system. I told myself – I am the chosen one! That’s the only way I could go through it all over again!

Chemotherapy is a unique experience. The drug made me lose hair in clumps, decreased my immunity, caused severe constipation, lowered the hemoglobin count and left me frustrated most of the time.

After the first cycle, when I started regaining my strength I decided to take things in my hands. I sat with my doctor to understand all the side effects and their treatment. I could not prevent the side effects but I could definitely teach myself to combat them.

I started meeting friends. I was told to “Let go” – an arduous task. But I had to – to prevent further toxicity in the system. I incorporated positivity in my life – no TV, no newspapers and no dark colours. I drastically changed in my lifestyle – my eating habits, my sleeping habits and my exercise regime. I had to beat this silly disease.

My friends were all in awe of my positive attitude and my determination to fight. Many said – I wish I was like you!

The disease struck me again within a year in the uterus. I only needed the doctor to say it was curable. I faced the second blow with the same grit as I did the first.
I believe I accepted every blow that was dealt to me with strength, grace and dignity.

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