Ankita Sharma

Equality vs. Equity

Ankita Sharma is a dentist who has always worked for the needy people of the society. She has bravely served the people during Gujarat Floods. Her only focus is to generate money to create a system that ensures underprivileged kids - access to food, education, and healthcare.

A doctor’s daughter, an Air Force Officer’s wife, a dentist herself, but most importantly, a woman of substance who balances the compassion of her hands with the action of her hands. Meet Ankita who grew up in a comfortable yet strict middle class home where the value of discipline, creativity, and thinking of those less privileged than you, were instilled right from the beginning. It is these circumstances that started forging the iron in her will. She was never content to just pass through the events. Wherever she went whatever the situations that she found her energy and ensured that those places were left better than before. Recently, when the flood hit Gujarat, and Indian Air Force swung into action for relief and rehabilitation work, Ankita also decided to get involved. She took the initiative to organise food kitchens and helped make food packets that were distributed in flood-affected areas.

She is a strict mother who tries to imbibe the same spirit to excel in her kids. Yet, she is always there in time of crisis. The kids have also come to realise this trait in their mother and have become self-sufficient from an early age.

She has a love for fitness and yoga that keeps her full of energy that she generously shares not just with her family but for things beyond family also.

An example of this is her passion for helping the needy. We have an orphan near our house, and the orphans of HIV affected kids who are treated like untouchables in our society. She always wants equality in society and thus wants that they should also be a part of main stream society, to start with self - Ankita took the initiative and invited 54 of those kids to her child’s birthday party (attended by the top brass of defence and civil society). The kids enjoyed a lot; the spark was visible in their eyes. She also followed it up with awareness camp and fundraiser for these kids. She is now trying to generate money to further develop this cause and create a system to ensure that these kids of access to food, education, and healthcare.

Ankita performs many roles and excels in all of them. While each one is a big inspiration on its own, her ability to juggle them and always keep a smile on her face is what epitomises the amazement and gratitude that I have in having her as my wife.

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