Neha Muthiyan

Dancing Her Way to Success

Money is not the main motivator in Neha's life. What drives her to help society, enrich lives, and be the best that she can be, is her passion for dance. Kathak in particular. A virtuoso in the classical dance form, she doesn't keep her skills, and learnings to herself. She shares them with others to better their lives as well.

A professional Kathak dancer, Neha Muthiyan is an excellent example of a woman who believes in herself, and faces her challenges while keeping in mind this one belief. She has been pursuing Kathak for the last 20 years. She is a senior disciple of guru Shambhavi Dandekar, and is currently being guided by guru Maneesha Sathe.

Dance is a field in which monetary gain is seldom found. However, that doesn't stop Neha from pursuing her passion. She has her own dance academy, Kathak Pathshala, where authentic training is imparted. She has been running it all by herself for the last 10 years. It started with 2 students, and has now grown its student base to more than 80. They all share the same passion for dance as Neha does.

Taking a step further, Neha has now started a dance magazine called 'Loud Applause', which is Pune's only dance magazine. Now in its 4th year, the magazine is entirely funded by Neha without any external financial aid. She is the editor and publisher. And it is due to her efforts that Loud Applause has made its mark in dance communities all over.

The main focus of the magazine is to enrich every dancer's journey through articles from legendary dancers, senior gurus, and the next gen. It also features crosswords designed by Neha, and an interaction, and health section.

Along with her dance duties, Neha handles her personal duties with equal sincerity. Her family and 11-year-old daughter are her top priority. Always have been.

She has been bestowed with prestigious awards like the Kala Vilas Yuva Puraskar by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Foundation, Gadag,Karnataka, for one.

Neha is doing her bit for society too by teaching dance to children in schools for low income group families. She believes that dance can change one's perspective towards life, and make one focused, and enriched. This she believes is absolutely essential for children, especially from such a background.

She has spread the rich culture of Kathak by performing in various festivals in Pune, and other cities in and outside of India. She organises a programme with her academy students, with the intention of offering them stage exposure, and also making the new generation of viewers understand the beauty of classical dance.

Simply put, Neha just follows the 3 D's that her guru has taught her: Dedication, Devotion, and Discipline.

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