Namrata Manot

My Work Is My Belief

Banking on her own faith, Namrat Manot started her venture 'Biome' - naturally dyed fabrics and customized garments. Her approach to bring an organic product depicts her care for people of the society without forgetting Mother Nature.

Towards sustainable clothing and fashion. My personal message to all who fear:
I know a life out of fear and it is beautiful,
Like a lingering taste in my mouth always now,
Fear just happened to be an eclipse,
So, whenever fear creeps in any form I see it.
As a witness now, I know better, but I still do not scare fear enough I have lived a chunk of my life in fear and shadow.

Around 20 years from a child to initial 8 years of marriage. In the shadow of fear and cloud of doubts. and once my life started coming out of that eclipse I remember the joy I experienced in learning, creating, living being fearless is the first requisite to creating. You cannot create or grow in shadow you need light.

7 years back in the city, when I wanted to work with natural dyed organic fabrics, everyone discouraged me that there is no demand for it. All my mentors and friends said if I wanted to be financially independent, I should work with what people want, and not with something that I am passionate about. With no legacy of money, I started with a loan of Rs. 50,000 from my husband and contribution of Rs. 50,000 from my mother, who has now passed away after fighting a battle with cancer. I am here today, with a tiny corpus after returning the loans, no debt, and goodwill in the city for organic and natural clothing. My clients come today and I make them look beautiful in earthy clothes and my friends and growing circle of sustainable community encourage me with appreciation and love. I realize when you stand for what you believe in; everyone respects that and recognizes you with it. Today, natural clothing is my identity in the city. I wish to spread out to other cities and connect people with nature. 'Biome' is my brand for product and the movement.

I like to think, to question, this makes me act so I do. I love clothes but not the indulgence into it. My journey started organically because chemical-free natural dyed textiles inspired me to create and offer as an experience. One lesson that nature teaches is that everything in the world is connected to other things. Hence, the process of making fabrics was very crucial for me to expose to with end-users. I started taking natural dyeing workshops with 7-year-olds to adults, thereby enabling awareness about such dyes compared to chemical dyeing. I shared the benefits of going natural in clothes and dyes to our skin along with the worker and the environment. Clothes are a symbol of need, comfort, artistic, expression, dignity, celebration, attraction and more. However, they may not become the reason for environmental degradation and human exploitation. My work is my belief, my communiqué: ‘Biome’ - A clean present and cleaner future
- Welfare of everyone involved in the process
- Comfort of the one who wears
What keeps me going is the joy to know
-Working with a product bio-degradable
- Endorsing, embracing and collaborating with other such people

The smile on my client's face and always get a compliment when they wear it. Biome is now a product- naturally dyed fabrics and customized garments. And a movement towards integrating with nature. As part of that process, I sell natural dyes and travel with natural dyeing workshops anywhere in the country. I have trained more than 100 children and 50 adults till now.

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