Sonal Kapoor

The risk taker

Sonal Kapoor’s life-changing journey began when she met a woman in a desperate situation. The lady was willing to strangle her 8th unborn child if it turned out to be a girl. Deeply affected by this, Sonal gave up her own glossy career and shifted her focus to saving such lives.

As a former advertising and communications professional, Sonal’s job was to create a place in the minds of people. It all changed when she met a woman whose story she couldn’t get out of her own mind…

The woman in question was in such dire straits that she was willing to strangle her unborn child if it turned out to be a girl, and also send her 8-year-old to work at a brothel to support their already large family of seven.

Having witnessed something so grim up-close for the first time changed Sonal forever. Within an hour she came up with the idea of a creative school and within just a few weeks, it began to take shape. It took her no second thought to give up her promising corporate career and focus her efforts on giving others a shot at a better life.

She started an NGO - ‘Protsahan’, which helps in the development of marginalised children through artistry. Using the know-how gleaned from her stint in advertising, Sonal kindles their creative side through painting, embroidery, filmmaking and photography. And it is through these creative means, that she seeks to break the vicious cycle of child abuse and poverty.

As you see her in the picture today, Sonal is the calm and peaceful eye of the storm. Around her is the dark and thunderous underbelly of our society. The “ghettos” of our country. And she is here to cut through it and let the sunshine in!

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