Saranyaa Arunraj Vikram

Our dream

Saranyaa got married early and wanted to run catering service in Chennai. She successfully started Aadhira catering service Pvt. Ltd. with her husband's support. Saranyaa was awarded youngest and successful women entrepreneur in the field of catering for Tamil Nadu.

I am Saranyaa Vikram, I’m 27 years old, married, and successfully running a catering service in Chennai. I am a postgraduate in computer hardware. I got married when I was 24. My husband was a senior software engineer. Then he moved to Singapore in 2015. Starting up a business was always my husband's dream. I do not want it to be just a dream. At that time what came into our mind was, “Why don’t we start a food business where we can serve the needy, as well as concentrate on IT sectors?” I came back to Chennai and started Aadhira Catering Service Pvt. Ltd, with my husband's support. At that time, we were concentrating only on party orders. Then we wanted to run this kitchen 24 hours. Therefore, we started to serve food for only 50 people in a single IT company. Then I called in all the IT companies, went to them, and gave our brochures waiting for a call from them. Then came the turning point. The companies started calling our catering service, asking for samples. We gave them the samples and they were very satisfied with our taste, service, and price, that they started giving daily orders.

Now I am supplying food for eight companies with approximately 1,000 people per day. This name and fame was not possible without my husband. All glory to him. When I started this business two years ago, I knew nothing about catering. Now, I can proudly say I know almost everything in catering. Being a woman, I came across many problems in this field. Whenever a problem arises, I seek my husband's help for a solution. He advices and stands by me. Here, I must thank my parents and my in-laws who understood my situation and never even once criticized me. My in-laws took complete care of my baby during the most difficult times. Women Glory magazine recognised my success, awarded me the ‘Youngest and Successful Woman Entrepreneur,’ in the field of catering for Tamil Nadu, and featured in their coffee table magazine.

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