Dr. Rajkumari Pathak

Hard Work Truly Pays Off

Dr. Rajkumari Pathak raised her two daughters single handedly with all the love and support she could give. She fights against all odds to complete her further studies and reach where she is today. Now she is happily retired, a blessed grandmother and truly role model for every working woman.

Married for 31 years, Dr. Rajkumari Pathak has raised her two daughters all by herself, which could only be possible because of her determination and selflessness.

Coming from a very simple and educated family from Agra, Rajkumari Sharma was a scholar throughout her academics. She grabbed a job as a lecturer in another city soon after completing her studies. Superior and way more qualified than most men of her age did, the desired match for her could not be found. In her early 30s, she got married to a lawyer in an unalike family where things were not that easy for her. Due to a difference of opinions between and her husband, she had to live alone for her work.

She kept working hard and built a home single-handedly where she lived with two daughters. It was very hard for her to raise their daughters alone with the job but she had no other option. At times, the news of burglary and other crimes would frighten her. However, she continued to look after her daughters with all the safety.

Dr. Rajkumari Pathak woke up early, did all chores, and got her daughters ready for school. She then dropped them to their schools and went to her college. While returning, she would pick them up. With all the household work, she performed all the responsibilities of a parent perfectly. So dedicated she was to literature and her daughters, that she would complete her thesis of D.Litt. at night after putting her daughters to sleep.

Time passed by like this and there were times when she was in debt because of delays in her salary. Eventually, she became a Professor and the Head of Hindi Department in her college. She struggled at her workplace and with the society and proved to be an incredible mother. She sacrificed all her needs to fulfil her daughters' wishes.

Unassisted again, she got her elder daughter married by doing all the arrangements and expenses by herself. She searched for the right person for her daughter, knowing that if anything goes wrong then all the fingers will be pointed at her.

Because of her incessant endeavour, dedication, and love, she made her daughters self-sufficient and qualified. Today, both her daughters are successful in their lives; elder one with her doctorate and well-settled family; the younger one has completed her education and is currently working.

In her career, Dr. Rajkumari Pathak has received many awards and recognition and published various books. She was also rewarded for her book on her D.Litt.'s work. Now she is happily retired, living separately with her younger daughter and today, she is a blessed grandmother of a charming grandson. Dr. Rajkumari Pathak is truly a role model for every working woman.

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