Noor Ayesha

Breaking Stereotypes

Noor is a passionate educator, a dreamer, and a doer who fearlessly followed her dream to become an entrepreneur for a cause. Her venture - Iqra International School is an all women run organisation, which not only shatters stereotypes by breaking preconceived notions about the role of women but also continues to help them make their strengths stronger.

As I read the statement “Know an Inspiring woman?” the only woman who crossed my mind is my director, when I look back at my memories, as far back as I can remember, there is a constant theme in every single one of them. There is one person in my life that has been a part of every inspiring memory and has been inspiring me from the time I have to know her. I always knew that she is not just another boss and we shared something that was special, but as I am writing her story, I now know the perfect word that defines who she is. She is truly my hero and I am sure everyone working under her believes this.

Mrs. Noor Ayesha is a passionate educator, a dreamer and a doer. She is an inspiration for women entrepreneurs; she has been following her dreams without fear. Her actions and encouragement have led everyone around her to follow their own dreams, have pushed them through the fear and the struggles a leader, a friend, a mentor, an inspiration and my conscience.

Her short stint at an International School in Mumbai and her dissatisfaction with the education system prevalent in India provoked her to begin her own school Iqra International School, which is driven by Value Based Education in Bangalore.

Iqra International School was established in 2012 to provide value based education in Bangalore. When she began IIS, her aim was to prove that there is a better way to educate. This would require a commitment to challenge the learners in ways beyond academics and some out of the box thinking. She also wanted to prove that this way of educating does not just work for some learners it works for all learners. Today, Iqra has achieved many milestones and this is a testament to her above-mentioned belief. At that time, she had only a hazy view of the relationship between education and the values a person builds over a lifetime. She and we all see it more clearly now. She has found immensely passionate women to work for Iqra, who are willing to lay aside every other pressing matter in order to give their time and skills to the school. May it ever be so.

Iqra International School is an all women run organisation, which shatters stereotypes by breaking preconceived notions about the role of women, especially in the Muslim community and very boldly conveys the message that we cover our heads and not our brains! As an educationist, she constantly reminds everyone the reason and purpose of education and why it needs our constant commitment. She always quotes a famous quote that education would be of no good for humankind if its only contribution were economic progress. She believes that all the educationists who are committed to educating the future generations of our country must take the responsibility to convert that commitment into action.

She has accomplished many things, but I always look up to her, someone whom I always dreamt of being like, most importantly, for the way she has accomplished them. Every time she has set her mind to do something, she works to the best of her ability to accomplish those tasks. Each time she succeeds, she just inspires me even more to do the same. She is the foundation of each one's growth at Iqra. She not just pushes me to be the best I can be, but also each and every employee no matter what it is. She helps us with our faults and continues to help us make our strengths stronger.

She is not only a huge inspiration for me but also a role model. Whenever I see her with people, she seems to stand out by treating everyone equally with respect. One quality that makes her so amiable is the way she always keeps a positive attitude and a smile on her face, even when things are not going the way she may have expected. The best part of her that probably everyone admires the most is her love for her employees and the fact that she is so connected with each and every employee. Sometimes it's just the little things that mean the world to us all her encouraging comments that keep us going. That is what separates a boss from a hero.

I think a hero should be somebody that you revere and look up to with great respect, someone you think is living their life how you wish to live yours, a role model that sets examples for you to follow, and most importantly, someone who inspires you to be the best person you can be. When I thought through my memories, and all the people involved in my life, I could not think of anybody better that fits my definition of a hero than her. She commits to continue her efforts towards achieving excellence in education. She is creating a better tomorrow for our future generations. It is inspiring enough just knowing that she has helped a learner in his or her educational journey. In addition, it is truly inspiring knowing that she is making a difference in our country just by establishing a school… a school that is focused on Value Based Education.

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