Shruti Anindita Varma

The Silent Crusader

Brimming with multiple talents, Shruti deserves a pat on her back for the woman that she is. She decides to quietly work for the cause that she believes in, and that is what makes her unique.

I am a husband in awe of my wife. Yes, and I am really proud to say that. I have been married to my film maker wife for 17 years and I must share this with pride that what took me an FTII degree and three years of learning, has come to her most naturally.

At age 11, when most kids her age where trying to learn English, she became the youngest contributor to National dailies, namely The Hindustan Times and The Times of India. With great gravitas, she juggled from culture to campus and from issues to inspirations. Women were always her key topics. Much inspired by her own mother who was the only Asian woman back in the 80s, to be selected for a British Scholarship. Interestingly, her mother got into a plane for the first time in her life, to go to London. And born with the same pedigree, Shruti was always different, always unique, and always inspiring.

At age 15, she won the All India Poetry competition, when she dedicated her poem to Indira Gandhi. And then she decided to become a film maker after actively being a journalist for close to a decade and a half. At 20, she was the youngest to adorn the Director’s hat for a show for Zee TV. And then there was no looking back.

But then this is about her successful persona and her successful career. The greatest inspiration to me is the social cause that she handles with maturity in all that she does. Let me share with you her film ‘Bhor’ that she wrote and produced out of her own saved money. She told me Sexual Abuse needs to have a societal fight back and next day she had a plot in mind. Shruti gave me a shocking revelation. She said that Every woman in her lifetime goes through some kind of abuse and most of them never speak up.

She planned and made this film that won a lot of awards. But that was not important. When companies wanted to buy off the film as it had generated eyeballs, she refused because she wanted to carry the film straight into people's hearts. She never put it on You tube because likes and views were not important for her. She had a bigger motive and a bigger purpose. She wanted to help the victims of abuse, she wanted to heal them.

The film has in a span of two years impacted 6,000 victims of abuse who have had a personal counselling. The film has travelled to 7 cities and has conducted workshops in more than 20 schools. The film has already been shown to more than 18,000 people and now it is her mission. She wants people to speak so that the cases are not repeated and the culprits are exposed. But more than exposing she believes in empowerment of women.

Bhor is a mission now and various groups like UNICEF, DPS schools, Dainik Jagran have partnered to take Bhor as a tool to create awareness.

This is not a one off. Before this she produced and directed a series called ‘Police Files’ where in a span of six months she ensured four women were provided police help and their long-pending cases in the police thana were solved due to her constant pressure on camera.
And now, she is working night and day to help the Inmates of Tihar so that they get accepted in the mainstream once they are out of the Jail.

Whenever people ask her if she wants to sell her film Bhor to be dubbed in zillion languages, she says give me the money so that I can make my next film, “The Menace of Child Trafficking” so that I can help save them. I will give you this film. Bhor will continue to impact lives while she would be ready to touch on the next big issue.

I think she really deserves a pat on her back for the woman that she is. She decides to quietly work for the cause and that is what makes her unique.

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