Vanashree Joshi Pande

My Journey From Pain To Peace

Vanashree is a model & actor turned healer, who overcame her pain to attain peace, in the past six years of her life.

Part 1: Lights, Camera & Action!
I'm a model turned actor and have worked in more than 20 regional daily soaps and have done multiple cameos and telefilms in my career.
My story starts in the year 2012 wherein like everyone else, life was going seamless with lights & cameras surrounding me every day until I was hit by "action" in my life called Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grows outside it. Most often this is on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and tissue around the uterus and ovaries; however, in rare cases it may also occur in other parts of the body. Although the magnitude of this disease and the chronic pain that comes complimentary along with it can't be explained in a few words, it shook my world upside down. While initially I had visited the doctor for severe pain and was asked to get operated for Appendix, during the surgery they diagnosed me to be having Endometriosis. When I read about the condition on the net, I was shattered; Sky had come fallen down on me.

Part 2: Hormones, Steroids & Menopause
Year 2013 started no better as I was on perpetual medication of steroids to hold the phase of an artificial menopause for the disease to not worsen. Not much to my surprise, I was detected with cysts in my stomach and was advised to go through another surgery. It was getting excruciatingly painful for me to bear the chronic pain and then be cautioned of more pain coming my way. Not only was the physical pain unbearable but due to this condition my hormones level had gone for a toss. It started impacting all my relations and I started feeling lonely in this fight with the disease.

Part 3: Past Life, Out of Body Experiences & Spirituality
For back to back consecutive years I had got operated and pretty much had become a norm for me that there would possibly be another surgery that would be needed this year too. 2014 was not any different and started with my 3rd surgery. I had given up hopes to live a pain free life; I would feel positive after the surgery for a few days and then was accompanied by chronic pain endlessly. Life was getting too heavy to live in with constant blood tests, MRI's, sonographies and while I was about to give up on hope, there was something else planned for me which I was completely unaware of and didn’t believe in until it happened to me. When I was getting my MRI scanning done, I was out of my body ; I could see me floating around the scanning room and could see myself lying on the MRI scan machine. Initially it scared me like hell however that is when I turned towards spirituality and did my past life regression only to find out that it's all connected; I hated to be a woman which is why my reproductive system was impacted with this weird condition. While every science was failing to understand why it's happening, I saw light at the end of the tunnel with spiritualism.

Part 4: Scissors, Soul & Surrendering
Like the first 3 years, I had to be operated yet again in 2015 to remove the cysts that were formed and also to temporarily solve the issue by inserting "Mirena" a progesterone producing coil to balance my hormones. I was leaning more and more towards spiritualism as days passed and about to give up on science and doctors as they couldn’t provide me any relief. Acute pain continued to be my partner without fail and I started diverting my mind and soul towards various modes that lead towards spiritualism. I was really getting desperate to live a pain free life but the almighty had a different plan for me altogether and laid out more testing times ahead; I surrendered myself!

Part 5: Ovaries, Chakras & Aura
It only got worst in 2016 where I was advised by the doctors that they would need to take off one of my ovaries and fallopian tubes as they had got badly impacted with Endometriosis. My belief towards spiritualism was growing by the day and these messaging from the doctors was making me believe more in the spiritual world than the scientific one.

For a female it's hard to see her feminine parts being taken away however I stood strong. Surgery had become like a habit for me now. I was blessed with two amazing doctors who used to perform surgery on me, Dr. Dhanu & Dr. Bharucha; I hadn't seen god but for me they were nothing less. As the surgeries continued, I increased my focus on spiritualism and started learning Chakras & Aura cleaning.

Part 6: Hysterectomy & a Healer
2017 July, just one month ago, I had my surgery. What more to say? But now I’m not at all scared of surgery... I came to know that willpower and positive approach are the key words. I am a healer now and I have started my practice as a healer. I have happy clients who are able to come out of there problems. I’m very happy and thank my Endometriosis for my new life.

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