An Unfailing Inspiration

Mahalakshmi is no stranger to difficulties. But she has always fought her way out of them, with the help of her skills. She has made a great deal of sacrifices for her family and children, but hasn’t given up on her dreams just yet.

This story is about my mom. Her name is Mahalakshmi and she is from a small town. She had two siblings. From childhood, she was treated as a princess even though her parents were not rich in monetary terms, rather in kind. She did well in studies, always topped her class and is talented in sports, drama, dance, and singing. The members of her family people possessed average skills. So, it was tough to run the family with those earnings. Hence, she got into the field of rope selling and made great profits using her business skills.

So, she had to leave her studies and take care of the family load at an early age itself. Even though she couldn’t continue her studies, she improved her talents in all possible ways. She used to say that the Headmaster of her school used to come to her home and ask her parents to continue her studies. But my mom refused to, considering her family situation. When she was of a marriageable age, she said to her mom that she would wait until they found a groom who could afford the marriage costs. She said that because the income of the family would be affected if she’d leave her home after marriage. Also, marriage expenditures would become an extra loan for the family. From that time itself, she had a broad mind and did her best to save her family from trouble.

So, her married life began. Since she is very skilled, she made the route for my father to start his own business (Typewriter). She gave birth to me and my brother. We should accept that we have grown in such a way that everyone in our society and school used to dote on us and consider us as an example for their children. Then due to certain losses in my father’s business, hard times came along. That was tough part of everyone’s life in the family.

She faced huge troubles to get the money to keep us nourished and build our lives. And now I am in a good position because of her efforts and guidance. My brother is also in a good position. Now, we encouraged her to restart her studies. She passed her SSLC with a good percentage. She continues to dedicate her life towards building our future. She bears all her pains and gives us good advice. And now we are planning to make her life happy, at least for a few years. We are the luckiest people in the world because we got great mom.

The Inspiration from my mom is - even though she is skillful she doesn’t have a bad attitude and she dedicated her life for others. First, she gave up her studies for her family, secondly, she lost her happiness and life for her children and ran the family with her determination. It’s hard to find people like her these days.

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