Amtul Ali Lubna

A Resilient Young Flame

Lubna has dealt with a great deal of hardships since a very young age. Today, she is a young, fearless diamond who has carved her niche as a ‘Young Leader,’ and is a remarkable inspiration to everyone.

Standing outside the ‘fire’, Lubna's journey is worth a thousand stories. Growing up in a 'Royal Hyderabadi Family' and losing everything after her father's death. Starting her life again with nothing, kissing death away, struggling, yet determined to reach her goals, despite every obstacle. This young, fearless diamond has carved her niche as a ‘Young Leader,’ and her story is remarkable and inspirational to the women of our nation.

As shy as she was and as brave as she is, Lubna today is stronger, tougher, smarter and beautiful. She played with diamonds when she was a child. Hailing from a ‘Royal Family’ gave her all the luxury, but this fairytale story was hers only till the age of 6. She lost her father at a very tender age, from then, the misery of her life started. She started reading inspirational books and writing her goals. Her journey started with realizing that she wished to prove everyone who criticized her, wrong. She decided to fulfil her parents’ dream and reach to the top. She didn't want her diamonds back, but wanted to bring her family legacy back, which is her real treasure.

To support her living, she started working after school by distributing pamphlets outside super markets, teaching tuitions, and selling cosmetics, as she continued her education in management. She started her first part-time job at GE at the age of 17 and did her MBA from IIPM. She eventually pursued her Executive Education from IIM Ahmedabad, ranked the no.1 B-School of India, and was a gold medalist during her college days. She has also been certified by the British Council and won various awards in the field of sports.

After years of struggling, when children of her age played with Barbie dolls and led a secured life, she was working hard, struggling to fulfil her dreams. She finally reached the top executive level at the age of 28, for an American multinational, also winning the ‘Youngest Icon’ award, NHRD award, Alumni Achiever award. She has various other recognitions and awards to her name.

A multi-talented personality, her articles on human resources and women empowerment have been published in the Times, Metro India, Deccan Chronicle, Hindu, Business Today, and People Matter. She paints, plays an instrument, teaches dance, practices yoga, has a brown belt in martial arts, cycles, and swims. She is a globetrotter who can master any skill on this planet.

‘Ending the Crisis’ is her mission, where she supports orphans, blind children, and underprivileged women. By 2020, she wants to build a rescue home for abandoned children and women. She gives a majority of her income to the needy. She has mentored more than lakhs of children in schools and colleges under the vision of 'Sparks,' which mentors and motivates youth for a better life.

She was invited by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), WHO (World Health Organization), and WTO (World Trade Organization, Switzerland), to attend seminars and is mentoring fellowship students at IIM Ahmedabad.

She is braver than most men, her dream is to have her children serve the Indian army. At her young age, she has achieved great heights and still remains humble. She believes that nobody is your hero… you are your own hero. Only you can make your dreams come true, nothing is impossible. She also believes that time heals everything and says "When you want to do well, everything aligns through auspicious coincidence."

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