Shalu R Varadkar

On a Journey to Empower Women!

Shalu R. V. is the founder of Mommies World For U & Me. She also simultaneously runs an events management and human resource firm. This passionate mother is working towards the empowerment of women and the development of children.

Shalu R. V. is the founder of Mommies World For U & Me. She owns a parenting forum which is connected across the globe with mothers. She comes from a business class family and has her own business of event management & HR, named Solutions Consultant- Events & HR, since past the 16 years, based out of Mumbai.

Shalu is working for women’s empowerment and for the development and growth of children through both her channels. She is the sole person to handle things on both platforms. She is passionate about her business and is a loving mom to her 3 year old child.

She has been acknowledged in number of articles/blogs and has won an award recently by as the most engaging community for Mommies World For U & Me. She not only channelizes her parenting forum beautifully but also meets the less fortunate kids to help them with community support.

She says, "We are working with lots of women who look for a platform where they can promote themselves, Mommies World For U & Me, is such a forum where every woman is welcomed and given equal space. We also make sure to feature those women on our forum, who can help in organic growth of the forum and spread the word about it.”

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