Neha Poddar

The Breaker of Norms

Neha hails from a small town, that unfortunately, did not believe in women’s empowerment. But she was determined to change this, and how!

This woman is very strong and fearless today yet very compassionate, which is her nature by default.

In between the household chores, all the problems in society, and the conservative small thinking of the small town Siliguri in West Bengal, she was determined to make a mark. She started teaching handwriting improvement classes for kids to make them better writers and taught more than 5000+ students, still facing challenges started her own business of Amway distribution and reached a silver level in record time. She changed the small thought process of the society, that women, especially Marwadi women, cannot and should not be working and are born only for household work. Today, more than 150 women work with her and it is only growing north… she had the guts to change the thought process of the small time city and it is driving results.

Along with looking after family, this mother of a child has proved, where there is a will, there is a way. This is the story of Mrs. Neha Poddar, Siliguri, West Bengal and she is here to only grow and empower more women and children to grow further and make an impact in the society.

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