Sangeetha Chakrapani

Angel for the autistic

14 years ago, Sangeetha Chakrapani was elated to know she was going to be mother to quadruplets. However, life had far more challenges in store for her. Two of her girls were diagnosed with autism.

Sangeetha has often talked about the anguish and the despair that she and her husband faced when two children are diagnosed with autism one after another. The terrible realization that autism is a condition without any cure. She was now faced with raising 4 children who came into the world together and started growing more and more apart because of the condition that separated them. In our society there exists a huge gap between people with special needs and regular people. To bridge this gap and help kids with special needs; so that they can lead a happy and a dignified life, 'TOGETHER' was born - a non-profit organization which helps children with special needs learn life skills and work skills.

“TOGETHER” started very small and faced many obstacles along the way. Sangeetha has always believed that the best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping stones- laugh, tread on them and let them lead you to something better. With this never-give-up spirit and the support of her husband, today she has managed to create a bright and colourful environment for young people with autism to learn all important skills of living independently. The core mission of the organization is to train students for life after the lifetime of parents.

TOGETHER teaches life skills, imparts vocational training and offers sheltered employment opportunities to people with Autism. “TOGETHER” runs a bakery which is fssai certified, a paper plate manufacturing unit, paper bag design unit and has established the first retail shop that is managed by people with disabilities.

With her drive, Sangeetha soon became the cherubic face of hope to many parents who struggle to find long term solutions for their children to live with reasonable independence. However, Sangeetha herself dreams of the organization growing beyond the individual and successfully creating a body of people to take TOGETHER forward. She strongly believes that such a journey can't be accomplished alone and requires the support as a community to help bridge this gap TOGETHER!

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