Reshma Krishnamurthy

Mums and stories

What began as Reshma’s initiative to combat loneliness became a platform for inspiring stories to be shared by inspiring mums.

I run this platform called ‘Mums and stories,’ which began as an experimental initiative to combat my sense of loneliness and depression as I had lost my identity. I was a stay-at-home mum and handled various careers but when I wanted to go back I didn't know where to begin. I was an advertising professional, a PR manager, a radio jockey, blogger, freelance writer, and had also worked in a maternity hospital. But when I was at home with my child, I had the feeling that I had lost my identity. To change my thinking, I started ‘Mums and stories’ which began as Facebook social media page. After eight months we had over 100 stories of inspiring mums and interesting women. Today, after a year and half, this my career. My path where I get to write, speak, sometimes even meet inspiring mums and write these stories for the platform. The journey has made me aware that there is more in life than feeling low than a certain period of time.

The stories shared and published are hugely inspiring right from acid attack fighters becoming mums to stories on ordinary women but have extraordinary glimpses that can be shared, on stay at home women who feel insecure many times and they surely have something interesting to share, on mums who are facing physical illness or are those who have overcome obstacles to many more, each story brings a layer of hope, happiness and connects with mums like me. I think I am on a path which can be inspiring for several mums and even though I am not sure of the destination these stories are worth your time to read and be influenced in a positive manner. We also do events for mums and children and right now am happy what started as a hobby is a career option for me as this is one of my strongest identities of Mums and stories, courtesy this came in my life after I became a mother.

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