Rachana Gupta

The Call To Happiness

Rachana is a cheerful soul that always has an aura of happiness around her. There’s no doubt that when she climbed back down the corporate ladder to pursue a career that focused on her greatest strength, she did it with a smile.

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I would be a ‘Happiness Coach,’ I would have laughed it off and thanked the person for their wishful thinking. Until two years ago, I was busy climbing the corporate ladder and followed hectic schedules as a ‘Working mother’ with a reputed Business Process Outsourcing organization, in a leadership role. I loved my job and felt a sense of accomplishment at being financially independent. In spite of high stress levels and the complacency that sets in after a solid 16 years tenure in the industry, I have never experienced ‘Monday blues’. I was happy with the way my personal and professional life was growing and was grateful for all the good things in life.

After a short sabbatical in 2015, I resumed to the grind of corporate world but soon realized that something within me had changed. Fancy designations, a plump income, positive opinions of colleagues, none of them made me happy anymore. There was a constant urge within me that was seeking what exactly I wanted to do and that voice was way too strong to simply ignore and forget about. I realized that this was the right time to listen to that inner voice and it was prompting me to do what made me happy.

All along, right since my childhood, “How are you so happy and cheerful all the time?” is a question I have been asked by my family, friends, and colleagues. I hadn’t ever thought about this, it was inherent within me and also a result of certain habits that I have always followed. But people have been very intrigued by this and now, I was extremely keen to do something about letting people know my secrets of happiness, as well. And that’s what led me to bid adieu to my successful corporate stint and plunge directly into the journey of being a ‘Happiness Coach.’ The truth lies in your inner voice.

It didn’t matter to me whether there actually was something like a ‘Happiness Coach.’ I just knew very well that I wish to spread happiness and enable people to lead happier lives.

Once I had taken this decision, I didn’t delve into how this would yield monetary gains or what kind of success I would have. There was never an iota of insecurity whether would I be rich and famous doing this. All I knew was that I was in a happy-flow, following my inner voice, with a life-long mission to make an impact in people’s lives. Money, fame, and success are all by-products of the quality of work you do. But deciding to do what makes you happy lies in your hands. For me, only the intrinsic value of what I have chosen to do matters. Only time can tell about the extrinsic part. Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.

But this wasn’t as easy as it seems. It became easy for me to take this plunge because of the rock- solid support I found in my husband. He is my sounding board and my biggest critic who never lets me rest in peace. He is the one who provided unstinted support in reinforcing my belief in taking up the road less travelled and that’s how I got a jumpstart in this direction. Find your support partner - it could be your spouse, your best friend, your family member, anyone who has your back covered while you follow your heart. Success isn’t the goal you chase, it’s the outcome of the work that makes you happy!

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