Vidya Kamath

My Super Mom

Vidya Kamath worked very hard to educate her 3 children. However, she was diagnosed with last stage cancer. She made up her mind to win over cancer and was victorious. Currently, she is 74 but still she manages to do household chores.

Coming from a small village in Karnataka our heroic lady with a strong will to fight against all odds stepped into Mumbai in 1968, after marriage. She had dreams like every young lady of her time. A wonderful life filled with love and happiness. But little did she know about this Maya Nagari. Hardships began following her.

After her 3 children died soon after birth she was depressed. Keeping strong faith and trust in Lord Ganesha she started praying. At last her prayers were heard and she became a mother of a beautiful daughter and few years later two more kids followed, one son and another daughter. Life wasn't that easy. Struggle after struggle continued as her husband fell ill and lost his job too.

She supported him by lending her jewellery to set up a small canteen. This really worked well for a few years. She herself worked at the canteen without employing a helper as it would be difficult to sustain the business. She did everything herself; from selling homemade papads to carrying loads of raddi paper on her head which she collected from door to door.

Fighting against all these odds she was successful in educating her children at an English medium school. She herself was illiterate but she knew the real worth of education. Hence, she was ready and determined to slog day and night to give her kids all that they required in order to get them educated. As her kids grew up, finished their education and were about to start working, she thought she had time to relax.

However, she was diagnosed with cancer. In April 1998, she was diagnosed with last stage cancer. Initially she broke down after hearing the news but she still had strong determination. She made up her mind to win over cancer and was victorious. It was like a miracle as even the doctors at the Tata Memorial Centre were surprised to see her alive only by taking radiation therapy. Her strong will and determination helped her to not only win over Cancer but also helped her recover from multiple illnesses... like kidney stones since 1998, TIA attack in 2012 wherein she lost her voice. But she was able to fight back and regain her voice.

Presently, she is spending time with her grandchildren.. She still manages to do all household chores, go to the market, and she even went abroad twice on a Europe tour and a Dubai trip. She is indeed a strong woman and is an inspiration for all. At this age she is envied by many for her fitness mantras... May God bless her with good health and happiness always... She is 74 now and heading towards a platinum celebration next year... She is a strong lady and a super woman in my life...

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