Simmi Bhasin

I Believe I Can Fly

Simmi started by doing what was required. Then she started doing what was possible and soon she was doing the impossible. She had not imagined that before completing 3 years of living in Mumbai, she would achieve so much.

A mother of two, Simmi is an HR professional with 23 years of corporate experience across various industries with companies such as Taj Group of Hotels, Standard Chartered Bank, Strata Sports & Marketing. She was living a familiar and comfortable life in New Delhi. Born & brought up in Delhi, Simmi had built a great business and social network system in the city. She knew where to look for solutions and who to reach out to, each time she faced a problem. In 2009, her husband who is a Finance Head with an MNC, moved to Mumbai. Simmi now had two fronts to manage – both in Delhi and in Mumbai. In 2011, Simmi decided to take a leap and put an end to the dual life and move to Mumbai permanently in the interest of her family. This meant a great deal of personal sacrifices of giving up clients and a prolific HR practice that she had built over the years. It was one of the toughest decisions to leave friends, family, a stable business and move to a new city and start afresh.

Simmi took the plunge and whilst she had a very challenging time, she was confident that she could rebuild a new and meaningful life in the new city. However, sometimes there is a gap between beliefs and actualization of beliefs. Whilst settling things on the home front - accustoming herself to this new transition, helping kids adapt to a new city and adapting to it herself too, the first 8 months proved to be more difficult than she had ever imagined. For her, it turned out to starting things from ground zero where there was no goodwill, making cold calls. Quite honestly, getting business at that age was quite difficult. Motivation was hard to come by and if it did, it quickly withered away.

During this struggle, Simmi did what she does best. She looked for alternative solutions to break this jinx. She applied and got selected for the Entrepreneurial Programme at the prestigious ISB Hyderabad. This was an unexpected turning point as Simmi realized that whilst she had over two decades of HR & Admin experience, her natural knack at networking, connecting people for business got her in touch with a lot of people. A dear childhood friend pushed Simmi to implement this skill in the business community. The seed was planted!

This seed sprouted and on Women’s Day in 2013, Simmi launched her thought child “WOMEN WHO WIN”, a sisterhood Community for Women start-ups and home entrepreneurs to Network and expand their businesses. Women Who Win (WWW) – is a unique platform for women entrepreneurs & professionals, with the vision to “We Connect, Nurture to Empower Women Entrepreneurs”.

WWW started with a humble 24 members – which was an encouraging start. Simmi built on this foundation by single-handedly conducting monthly networking meets, for almost one year. Slowly, the universe started working to help her and women started getting associated with it and offering their services voluntarily. Before anyone took notice, there were more women supporting her in this journey.

Today WWW has over 9000 women members with 12 WhatsApp groups helping women to promote their businesses across Mumbai and Pune. Monthly events and meets take place to engage the group with networking and knowledge sharing. In 2015, Simmi was awarded the Women Achiever's Award by a reputed organization of Mumbai.
Challenges are non-ending and she feels it’s just a beginning now…

PITARA was the initiative by WWW to support start-ups, home entrepreneurs and freelancers. It was inaugurated by Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, wife of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Simmi’s journey in building WWW can be summed up as following:
Simmi started by doing what was required. Then she started doing what was possible and soon she was doing the impossible. She had not imagined that before completing 3 years of living in Mumbai, she would win an award, organized festive bazaars for start-ups and home entrepreneurs and grow the sisterhood to a staggering 9000 Women start-ups, home entrepreneurs & Professionals. She is giving hope to women and the list is adding daily.

Simmi says, “If you have the belief just go for it, with small actions in materializing the dream and the universe will bring the cementing forces together to make the dream come true.”

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