Archana Bhatnagar

Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

Archana works tirelessly for the financial empowerment of women through entrepreneurship. She nurtures her passion to make a greener planet, through green & eco-friendly cleaning products, that her company manufactures.


A true global leader of women entrepreneurs, today at the age of 62, Archana Bhatnagar outlives the passion and energy of a 26-year-old, when it comes to working for the financial empowerment of women through entrepreneurship, or her passion for making a greener planet, through green & eco-friendly cleaning products, that her company Haylide Chemicals manufactures.

As the Founder President of MAWE (Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneures), she is a leader to many, many MSME women entrepreneurs, not only in India, but globally also. Women & girls from all walks of life are inspired by her, in their work & personal lives, while, now men accept and admire that she is a force to reckon with!

Archana Bhatnagar, a first generation entrepreneur, today as Managing Director, of her company Haylide Chemicals Pvt.Ltd, travels the world & the remotest destinations in India , and works hands on with her work team, from Management to Marketing ... as long as it is "Green Business".

Starting with less than Rs.500/- and a one year old son, she has transversed an entrepreneurial journey of 39 years with a graph of success and failures, which led her to believe that when "You are at your lowest low, there is only one way to go… and that is to soar to the TOP!"

Having set up three different businesses of chemical formulations, with failures and success, today her business supports hundreds of families and the focus remains on women employees here also.

Shaking chemicals in plastic buckets, manually, her arms ached, but the X-Ray developer, she mixed worked. This encouraged her to visit a bank to seek a loan ... in 1979 , when she was royally thrown out of the bank.

Women were not supposed to be in business in a small town like Jabalpur! She was told, "Women from good families do not come to the sales tax office!" This was her first business humiliation, which turned into a challenge!

And taking challenges head on since then, she has not only overcome her own , but through her vast practical experience, of what women face in business, she founded MAWE (Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs), in 2000 and since then, the passion to encourage girls & women to be self employed and provide a hand holding support to existing women entrepreneurs, mentoring many throughout the world.

The feather in her cap has been to train Chinese Micro & Small Women entrepreneurs, on how to be vendors to MNCs, in Chongqing..

Being on the board of many National & International councils, Archana Bhatnagar works for Policy Advocacy for Women Entrepreneurs & MSMEs. Women Empowerment principles for Gender & Trade.
Besides speaking on many prestigious forums, globally, she has had the honour of Speaking at the UN General Assembly at New York & WTO in Geneva...

Archana Bhatnagar is a role model for thousands of women. This icon and successful first generation woman entrepreneur is invited very often to share her motivational story on many platforms. Her story of resilience and learning from failures often brings tears to many in the audience, even when people listen to her through interpretation, globally!

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