Devisha Jatakia

The girl next door!

Devisha’s ordinary life changed a lot for her after marriage. However, her never give up attitude helped her to rise above the odds for her child and husband. She invested in her hobbies and is currently the brand manager handling well-known brands.

I am Devisha Jatakia, born and brought up in Mumbai, a B Com and IATA Graduate; worked with a multinational bank before marriage; a very confident and ambitious girl. This is my story which ideally began after my marriage. It was like a dream come true, marrying the right choice mutually chosen by my parents and me but destiny had some other plans for me. I become a mother in the first year of marriage.

My hopes, my confidence and my ambition sunk and broken into pieces as things were getting worse. My story may be no different from most of the girls who face this most of the time; but what makes it different is that I chose to go against the society norms, I chose to raise above all the odds for my husband and for my child.

Post 3 years of my marriage I started learning and cultivating my hobbies into small earnings by watching DIY videos, etc. I started by doing nail art on myself and then I started taking small orders from friends, soon that made me more confident to learn more. Hence, I joined a beauty and makeup institute to learn and get certified in the field of makeup and beauty. I started freelancing and offered door to door services; but this too didn't turn in my favour as my child was too small and I had many obligations and restrictions.

However, I never gave up. Once while browsing Facebook I came across a community and I decided to join a community called MUMO. This was the turning point in my life. From a silent observer, slowly and gradually I started my journey with this community by participating in their various activities which gave me my confident back. From a silent member of the community to one of the volunteers, I became the most active core team members and then one of the admins. This journey was filled with lots of emotions and learnings.

Currently, I am not only a volunteer, a core member and an admin but also the brand manager of my own community. From digital marketing to handling brands like Tide, Pampers, Next school, etc. are now on my ticked list! Never the less I owe all this to my family who supported me, and the founder of this group Neha Kare who believed in my abilities and potential.

I have funded my own worth and made my parents, family and friends proud of me. This is my story… The story of a girl next door who didn't want to give up and believes in the magic that dreams do come true.

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