Rupali Gautam

Exploring New Avenues in Careers

Rupali describes her transformation from a shy, young girl to a successful entrepreneur. She ventured into an almost unknown career in India called Image Management and now manages her own company, Image N Impression which makes people aware of the importance of personal grooming.

I am a Gujarati. My parents were both government officials with a simple lifestyle. As a child, I was very shy and had very few friends. I completed my schooling from Rosary High School. Being academically oriented, I ranked third in my school in the S.S.C.Exam. I pursued a degree in Engineering in the field of Information Technology from Shah and Anchor College. I am now a certified Image Consultant from ICBI and also a Certified Associate in Image Industry from Image Management Professional Association (IMPA). I am married and blessed with an 8 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.

Though I am a B.E. in Information Technology with an industry experience of more than 14 years, I wanted something more interesting which also gave me some flexibility. I have a keen sense and passion in personal dressing and grooming. I believe good presentation of oneself has an edge over others, both in personal and professional lives. When I came across Image Management Industry, I had no second thought to transform my passion into my career. It gave me a platform to use my creativity skills along with a lot of flexibility. Now work was more fun for me.

Even before I completed my Image Consulting course in 2013, I received offers for internship from renowned companies. I have been involved with a lot of corporate training, open workshops, mentoring, coaching and consulting. I have been fortunate to work in India as well as in Malaysia. There is a huge market to explore in Image Consulting. It’s very important today to invest in yourself to enhance your image and create a positive impression. Who would not want to look better or be more successful? That’s how my journey with Image N Impression began.

I started my own company, ‘Image N Impression’. Since Image Management is a new concept, making people aware of its importance was a challenge initially. It’s about finding possibilities in a country which is moving up the Global Landscape. I started networking and expanding my social contacts to get consulting and training assignments.

I provide the following services in terms of Image Management and Consulting:
● Corporate Training
● Various customized open workshops for women, men, kids and teenagers on Image Management and Soft Skills
● Soft skills and Behavioural training
● Individual Consultation and training

I assist people to exercise greater control over the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence through elements of image – dressing, grooming and body language, including etiquette. I fully understand the role of image in each and every person’s personal, professional and social life. We assist people to project an image which is accurate, appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable. My ultimate aim is to enhance image and improve the quality considering the roles and goals.

I have also been voluntarily working as the National Head L&D for Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA) to spread awareness, learning opportunities and various activities towards Image Management.

Image N Impression has always worked towards reaching out more towards common people. We need to break the stereotype where people feel image enhancement is only for a certain class of people. We have specially designed programs like “Power of 5”, “Get Job ready”, “Project A Winning Image”, “Manage your Image”, “Image Management & Etiquette” which are meant for working professionals, students, start-ups, women aiming to get back to work and homemakers. We also have started imparting Image Management in regional languages like Marathi so that we reach out to the rural audience, where the need actually lies. I have also been voluntarily working as the National Head L&D for Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA) to spread awareness, learning opportunities and various activities towards Image Management.

Each day in my life is like a roller coaster ride which I enjoy thoroughly. Being a woman, I certainly have to juggle between multiple roles - an entrepreneur, a professional, a wife, and a mother of two lovely kids, a daughter- in - law, a daughter and other social commitments. I dedicate 6-7 hours of work daily towards my passion. My lifestyle has a lot of flexibility and thus I am able to do justice to my home and family as well as my work. As a woman entrepreneur, I inspire lives to make an impact.

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