Hamida Khan

Hard Work Always Pays

Hamida had always dreamt of giving her mother a better life by buying a house of her own. She worked tirelessly for years, to turn her dream into a reality.

I, Hamida Khan, am a graduate from Mumbai University working with a fashion wear brand would like to share my story about how I achieved one of the most important goals of my life.

I have been brought up by a single mother of a Muslim family. Where I have been taught all customs and tradition needs to be followed. While growing as a child I had seen my mother working really hard to raise me and my sibling.

I had promised one thing to myself that I will give her a better life with a permanent shelter, which we never had. Prior to my graduation, I started working to make sure I was a helping hand to my mother and post my graduation I started working full-time to give my best.
Since I was focused and dedicated towards the goal of having my own house, I had worked every day to reach closer to my dream. The biggest hurdle of my life at that point in time was accumulation of a chunk of money to be paid off.

Today after 8 years of working I have achieved my dreams.
I am thankful to my mother for raising me as a better human being by nurturing me with right traditional and cultural values. I would also like to thank each and every individual who played an important role in my life in any manner, to let me grow up to be a matured and responsible individual, helping me achieve my dreams.

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